The Contemplative Fitness Root Camp

Who Is YOUR Cheerleader…?

Experience in cultivating sustainable results, with mindful and achievable workouts…

Before you sign up for another uncompromising, un-enjoyable fitness boot camp, try a FREE class at the Emerge Fitness Root Camp — where I will personally root you on to succeed.

What is Root Camp All About?

Root Camp is a 50 minute, outdoor, achievable workout which includes the following elements of fitness:

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular/Cardiorespiratory
  • Functional Fitness

What Root Camp Is Not…

  • Root Camp is NOT boot camp!
  • Root Camp is NOT an in-your-face, 3 more reps kind of workout
  • Root Camp is NOT anything you will fear, be intimidated by, or not enjoy
  • Root Camp is NOT harsh on the joints, muscles, bones, or back

Root Camp is NOT an, in your face, 3 more reps experience…

Root Camp Is…

  • Empowering
  • Achievable
  • Educational
  • Refreshing
  • Limited class size

Sessions can be purchased in advance by groups of 10 or 20 sessions…

  • 10 sessions = $100 – space guaranteed (must be used within 60 days of purchase)
  • 20 sessions = $180 – space guaranteed (must be used within 90 days of purchase)
  • $12 drop-in fee – space NOT guaranteed
  • Maximum class size of 7 persons

Don’t get broken down at another trendy fitness boot camp.  Let Emerge Fitness and Roy Cohen root you on, build you up the right way, and make exercise fun again…

  • Experience in cultivating sustainable results
  • Safe instruction
  • Positive motivation

Who Is YOUR Cheerleader…?

Contact Roy Cohen today at 760.521.2071 to join a class, or start a new class with a friend..

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