Step Back…

Step Back…

If you enjoy eating sausage, the old political cliché goes, you should never watch it being made.

We are approaching a time in the world when we should realize it’s more than politics that is sausage. That everything we touch, look at, enjoy, entertains us, and/or influences our lives is, in one way or another, sausage.

Culture itself, is sausage.

We are also approaching a time in the world when our primary form of entertainment seems to be staring into little reflective boxes to watch all of these sausages being made. Once we are disgusted with observing the process, we attempt to have our way with others in the form of oneway conversations about all that’s wrong with the sausage making process.

This is social insanity.


I think we really have to wrap our heads around this, and that’s not easy. Not at all, but…

If our primary form of entertainment has become picking apart the very things that benefit us, and that we and others enjoy, and as we attempt to impose our curt thoughts on others with no intention of viewing things in their way or with any intentions of empathy, the making of the sausage is not the biggest problem we have.

Simply put, a problem larger and far more cancerous than sausage making, is the entertainment value we place on picking apart the things that we and others enjoy and that also benefit us. We’ve been in a state of social advancement for over 15,000 years.

If one is of color, transgender, missing both arms, developmentally disabled, or even a child in-tow approaching a border with the potential for a better life, right now — today is the best day on earth to be alive. Because right now — today, one’s chances of prosperity and far-reaching social support have never been greater than they are. That fact is inarguable, though you’re welcome to try.



The world isn’t going to be lifted from the potters wheel, trimmed, glazed, baked, and set on a shelf to be observed and admired in our lifetime. The world was not designed or Designed to be an end-product for any of us.

With the ebbs and flows of man and of social morality, we are well into the net-positive of flow. After more than 15,000 years of culture, ebb (toward the negative) today represents roughly 25% of moral movement, with flow (toward the positive) representing 75%. Those numbers, by the way, are my crude  interpretation of an approximation based on the cosmetologist George Ellis’s work on morality being built into the fiber of the universe. Slowly, and over time, ebb continues to decrease, while flow increases.   This is just where we are today.


It takes a lot of work to take such a large step back and to see the world from this point of view, but it is a step worth taking, especially on a day like today…. Jhciacb

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The Excavation Of Morality…

Long before single-celled organisms, complex organisms, and long before factories, TVs, and political discourse gone bad, there was the framework of math. Mathematics is woven into the structure of all things.

Math wasn’t invented, as Einstein suggested, it has been there all along, to be discovered as we pull back the layers of the Earth’s natural existence to create our own human existence.

As we excavate to what’s already there, in order to create more of what doesn’t really need to be there at all, we always find math in the digging.  Sometimes the math isn’t what we were expecting, but when we find it, we know it to be undeniable, and true.


So too is the fabric of morality, I believe, woven into all things. Not to be invented, but to be discovered as we peel back the natural world to make our little human nests.

I see that this week – that we are excavating a morality that already exists.  As things unfold in politics and government – as we dig out and around the bones of our political structure, we are exposing more moral truths every single day. These truths though, have been there all along, even before the Earth calmed and cooled.

Moral truth is as real as math – it underlies and exists within everything.

At the end of the day, moral truth can’t be changed or proven wrong, any more than a mathematical equation can be changed or proven wrong.  This brings me comfort… Jhciacb


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