Memory Storm…

When I lay my head down at night, and as I attempt to fall asleep, my mind swirls with a storm of memories. If the term storm denotes a harshness, it’s simply from the sheer volume and speed at which those memories fall and collide. Thoughts pour down.

On a given night, I might reflect on moments from all times throughout my life. Playground memories from a school age boy, thoughts of military service, parenthood, business, hobbies and interests, but mostly I think about people – the fingerprints that everyone I have ever met have left upon me to shape my soul.

After I have fallen asleep the storm continues to rage. My dreams too, are often comprised from every all stages of my life, and might include anyone who I have ever met or been near.


Sweetness in repose.  Dreaming only of the hunt….

In my dreams I find myself in situations which might have been real, and from my past. I might also land in places contrived, and assembled by my subconscious. Jhciacb in Wonderland kinda stuff.

Daily, I’ll wake to shake off my dreams like large drops of rain from a heavy coat  Reflecting on my dreams, it often seems like every thought I’ve ever had, merged with every experience I have ever had, colliding and working themselves into new thoughts and new experiences, and I am beyond exhausted – and it’s only 4:00am.

I sometimes think the only difference between a memory and a dream are the words, memory and dream, and the only distinction between them is the blurry line that haunts me all day long – from the vantage point of the now.

Tonight’s forecast: It’s going to be raining thoughts once again, all night long. Better get my coat… Jhciacb


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