The Process Is Served…

I eat out frequently. When I select a restaurant, I almost always do so with the belief that I’m going to get a quality meal, made from quality ingredients, and served to me by gracious people.

I have trust in that restaurant.

Never, and I mean NEVER, do I go back into the kitchen after I have placed my order, and watch every detail of how my meal is prepared and plated. Nor do I go into the kitchen and take inventory of all the people who touch the dishes, the utensils, and the ingredients which will form my meal.

True, they might be doing a horrible job preparing my meal, it might get screwed up, and there may be great arguments and conflict between those preparing my meal about how to assemble it.  However, there’s a system in place to ensure  that my meal arrives to me in a way that is consistent with me ordering it.  I don’t want to know what nonsense took place between those who prepared it.

I simply sit at my table with an absolute faith that, despite all that can go wrong in the preparation of my meal, that it’s going to come out to me on time, and it’s going to possess the quality I expect.

And it almost always does…

And while I’m waiting for my meal, I’m not  wasting a moment thinking about the preparation of it. I don’t sit at the table, stressed out, worrying – – hoping that everything is going to be okay, and that all involved are doing their job. I don’t await my meal with doubt, anticipate it with fear, and I don’t dissect the process in my head — mulling over all that might possibly go wrong in its preparation. I just enjoy a good conversation with a friend, or a little downtime on my own, but anticipating my meal is never something I pull my hair out over.

And as odd as this sounds, I feel that way about the political process in America. I don’t feel I need to watch every detail of how it is prepared. Nor do I take an active inventory of all the hands that are touching it all day long. I simply await the process, with an absolute faith that the end result is going to be satisfying.

I’m guessing that at least some, if not a majority of people who just read that, think I’m a fool. Perhaps, but I have trust in the process, and faith in the system. Though I have gotten a bad meal from my government on occasion, more often than not I approve, and rarely am I disappointed with the justice it serves.

Besides, I have many things and much to do, all day long, which require my attention, if not my stress and my worries. Life is short, or so I’m told. Today I will let the cooks of justice do their job, as I expect the people who come to me for my cooking, will trust me to do my job — without them digging into the details  of how I make it happen … Jhciacb


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