The Cutting Room Floor…

My oldest client is 93. She spent much of her retirement traveling the United States, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand in an Airstream trailer. It’s easy to maintain conversations with her while she exercises, because I can always default to her experiences living on the road for so many years.

She’ll often tell me of experiences she had during that phase of her life which she hadn’t told me previously. I’ve suggested to her multiple times that she write a book about those experiences. Of course at 93, it’s not likely that she’ll write a book. Her experiences on the road and the wisdom gained from them, will be left only to the memories of people she’s had conversations with.


That got me thinking about how the cutting room floor of wisdom and experience must be as large as the universe, and expanding just as quickly. That is, most human wisdom is left to the ether of our memories.

One-hundred billion people have ever lived. Approximately 130-million books have ever been published. Though it’s hard to ascertain for certain, the number of published authors across all possible formats is probably somewhere between 25 and 60-million people. If my math skills serve me well, that’s a whole lot of unpreserved wisdom, thought, experience, and creative expression.


Contemplating that, I got to thinking that when that day comes when the last human being takes his or her final breath, most human experience will have been left on the cutting room floor. And that, THAT is why I write, why I write daily, and why I embed my thoughts into digital formats — so there will be some record, not only that I existed, but that I thought, that I had ideas, and that those thoughts and ideas will not end up on the cutting room floor, whether they mattered or not… Jhciacb

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