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The U. Air Force's top official wants to make male-only, direct-combat related jobs open to female airmen by the spring of Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told reporters during a visit to Hawaii on Monday she plans to open up seven jobs for women to include pararescue and tactical air control party. James said the Air Force is working on establishing gender-neutral standards for the positions and opening them to whoever is qualified. Currently, only seven jobs in the Air Force are closed to women to include special tactics officer, pararescue, tactical air control party TACP , combat rescue officer, combat control team, special operation weather officer and enlisted. TACPs are a critical job on the battlefield in which airmen are assigned to infantry units to coordinate Air Force fixed-wing aircraft in close-air support against enemy targets. The move brings the Air Force in line with other services that are developing plans to open direct-combat jobs to women by January
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Every role in the Air Force is open to women, who enjoy excellent career opportunities, an exciting lifestyle, a supportive environment and equal opportunities for. Any job a woman finds that suits her interests is the best job for her. Women can do anything, What are the best jobs in the Air Force as an officer? 1, Views.
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What comes to mind when you think of the Air Force? You might picture fighter jets barrel-rolling in the sky, or a captain giving a thumbs-up as he or she climbs into the cockpit. While the Air Force certainly employs many brave pilots, it also employs thousands of individuals in all different kinds of fields, including jobs you have probably never associated with the Air Force. In partnership with the United States Air Force , we talked to a diverse group of female officers who fill a wide array of roles within the organization, including a clinical nurse, a program manager who ensures the safety of aircraft prior to take-off, a personnel officer and even an expert meteorologist.

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But there was no Training Instructor TI or any military personnel ready to greet us. The next bus to Lackland AFB was not coming until The bus showed up an hour late, with a civilian driving a commercial bus. We all were getting a little nervous as we came closer to Lackland. All of us were expecting TIs to suddenly swarm around us the second we arrived and start screaming in our faces about how stupid we were and how dumb we looked. But that didn't happen.
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