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Fungi, latin for mushroom, are eukaryotes which are responsible for decomposition and nutrient cycling through the environment. The word fungus comes from the Latin word for mushrooms. Indeed, the familiar mushroom is a reproductive structure used by many types of fungi. Being eukaryotes, a typical fungal cell contains a true nucleus and many membrane-bound organelles. The kingdom Fungi includes an enormous variety of living organisms collectively referred to as Ascomycota, or true Fungi. While scientists have identified about , species of fungi, this is only a fraction of the 1.

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Reproduction in fungi: asexual and sexual methods. Asexual reproduction in fungi: fission of somatic cell; Budding of somatic cell. Some fungal organisms multiply only asexually, whereas others undergo both asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction with alternation of generations.
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This article describes the sexual selection in fungi. Most fungi can produce asexually and sexually. Sexual selection has been studied to occur more predominantly in the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota phyla.
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Following a period of intensive growth, fungi enter a reproductive phase by forming and releasing vast quantities of spores. Spores are usually single cells produced by fragmentation of the mycelium or within specialized structures sporangia, gametangia, sporophores, etc. Spores may be produced either directly by asexual methods or indirectly by sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction in fungi, as in other living organisms, involves the fusion of two nuclei that are brought together when two sex cells gametes unite. Asexual reproduction, which is simpler and more direct, may be accomplished by various methods.
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