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My first kiss happened in preschool, with a boy named Andy who held my hand during story time. It was not unpleasant, or even memorable beyond the fact it was my first. But it created a pattern of kissing other boys—and only boys—that lasted long into high school. Until I met Nicole. She was a short, spunky transfer student with a bleached blonde faux-hawk and an armful of rainbow bracelets. Everyone thought her tomboy wardrobe meant she was a lesbian—and they were right.
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I was at the Chapel Hills Mall, in the food court getting Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets. I had ordered a large cup with the sweet dipping sauce. Confessions of a Bisexual Girl. K Reads Votes 26 Part Story. erin Find out in this story full of, lies, love, and lust. chick-lit. drama. girlxgirl.
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Editor's Note: But it's worth noting that even now, perhaps especially now, many LGBT Indians are still unable to come out. And within the community, some are more invisible than others.

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My lesbian friend is extremely biphobic. I'm bi and spoke to her about the shit she says before, but she denied it all even when I grabbed screenshots of what I was talking about. She stopped for a while but now it's started up again, only now she's going as far as to say that bi girls are all lesbophobic when they call her out, and she seems to double the amount of biphobic shit she says when she knows I'm online and can see it. I've made out w my best friend at a party, and i get turned on by her. I think I'm bisexual, I'm 31 and i didnt have a relationship and I'm a virgin. I dated a guy once a couple of months ago and he made me awake from being a woman
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    In this week's Sex Talk Realness, four anonymous women get real about what it's really like to be a bisexual female in this day and age.

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