Roy Cohen, Unique In Fitness & The Studio

I’m Roy Cohen.  Thank you for taking time to learn more about my unique perspective on exercise and fitness.

In this era of CrossFit, P90x, boot camps, and wave after wave of unsustainable fitness trends, I hope to be a voice of reason on behalf of exercise, and traditional strength training in particular. At the core of my fitness values is a single term; sustainability.



What I Am About

True one-on-one instruction in exercise with an emphasis on proper form, and utility.

At the core of my fitness value-set lies a single term; sustainability.

Exercise should make one’s life better not worse.

Working with you, listening to you so we can establish a plan of sustainable exercise is what I do.



Goals Vs Reality

Many people who conceive fitness goals never realize those goals. They fail to do so for a combination of reasons, primary among them are:

Time: underestimating how much time it will take to fulfill one’s fitness goals.

Ambition: overestimating what can truly be accomplished within an established time, personal, and physical boundaries.

Effort: underestimating how much effort is involved in changing the landscape and the abilities of the human form.

I can help establish realistic goals.



Every workout should contain at least one element of:








Experience With

Student Athletes

Weight Loss

Mature Adults

Weekend Warriors



I claim to present few answers in this. My 30 years of experience in exercise and fitness has taught me that nobody has clear answers, but the wisest and most cultured fitness enthusiast is the one who asks the most mindful questions.

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