Which Bike And Why…

First, I love bikes because they represent freedom. Freedom, in this case, means the ability to discover and explore, a way to run away, and a means to calm my chaotic mind.

I ride, most of all, because it allows me to adjust and manipulate my moods, or as I say so often, riding keeps me from killing people

I currently own 5 bikes:

1 gravel bike
1 touring bike
1 hybrid bike
2 road (fast) bikes

Although I own five bikes, I don’t have more than $1000 tied up in any one of them. Despite that I know people that have $3,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 invested in individual bikes, I like cheap bikes and I cannot lie.


Vasudeva: Specialized Allez

I have given up my bedroom to them. I currently sleep on an air mattress on the floor of my fitness studio. Each morning, I deflate the mattress, roll it up, and place it out of the way in the shower stall where nobody sees it.

My bikes sleep in climate controlled comfort.


The Blue Shmoo: Trek 520

In no way don I consider myself a part of bicycle culture. I am the opposite that kind of pretentious indignation. With a few exceptions, I ride alone.

With the exception of a helmet, I don’t wear traditional bicycling gear when I ride. I wear running shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. I don’t wear cycling shoes or “clip in”.  In winter, might wear multiple t-shirts. On the coldest days, I do wear long cycling and pants.


Bomer The Kreeps: Trek FX Disc, converted to drops

Yesterday, a friend asked me how I decide which bike I’m going to ride on a given day. This is almost always a last-minute decision, based on these factors:

Time of day
Time available
Level of fatigue
What I rode the day prior

Most days, I like to ride 20 to 25 miles and a little bit further on the weekends, time permitting. I’m fortunate that I live in a great climate, possibly one of the best in the United States, Fallbrook CA. I also live in a rural area where there is virtually no traffic or congestion. It’s not unusual for me to ride an entire 25 miles and never have to take my feet off the pedals.


Tang: Aventon Kijote

In Fallbrook, there’s virtually no flat ground. I know that each time I leave my house on a bike, I will be riding hills — it’s unavoidable.

So how do I decide which bike to take on a given day…?

If it sounds cheesy, but having five bikes is not too different from having five children. Each has their own personality, their own unique qualities and abilities, and I’d like to spend time with each of them.


Bellla: Pure Cycle Road

Some are better for climbing, some are better at distance, some are better for going faster, and one is particularly suited to riding on dirt roads and sand, which there’s plenty of here in Fallbrook.

So how do I decide which bike to take on a given day…?

I choose the one that winks at me first when I step into my bike room, and that’s rarely the one that I rode the day before. Also, there’s the three day rule: I never write the same bike more than three days in a row.

Most of the time when I am riding, the bike that I am on is my favorite bike of all time.  I confess though, I do have a favorite…

My Trek FX Disc is a “fitness” bike, that I have converted to a gravel bike. I have less than $1000 invested in. It can go just about anywhere, it climbs easily, it’s capable of hauling gear, I can swap out the tires to ride on the road or on gravel, it’s got a relaxed geometry which allows me to stay on it for long periods of time, and despite its weight, it is one of the fastest bikes I own.

So there you have it, how I choose my bike du jour and why.

Riding is joy. Riding is freedom. Riding is escape. Riding is childhood.

Build a little recess into every day, and a little vacation into every week, and the chaos of life’s day to day nonsense becomes much more tolerable… Jhciacb

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3 responses

  1. The farthest I’ve ever traveled in one sitting on bike is 25 miles. The fact that you avg between 20-25 miles each day astounds me. You are my favorite character in the storybook I call “What’s Happening in Fallbrook Today?” 😉

    In all seriousness, a dear friend of mine’s husband is a firefighter in CA. His best friend was just killed while riding by a driver under the influence…leaving behind a wife and three daughters. I am glad you live in a more remote area, my friend. Stay safe.

    • Thank you, Heidi, as always. Of course, it is ever on my mind. One thing I think about when I’m riding, that is a constant beneath all the other things I think about when I’m riding, is hoping that my best friend and ex-wife, whose name is on my Road ID card, never gets that phone call. I trie to be as careful as I can possibly be. Thank you so much for caring…

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