A Hand For Jian…

So, #GivingTuesday is a thing now.

I’m not much for things. Especially trendy internet things.

However, I’m going to embrace this thing, #GivingTuesday, because it’s a good thing.

Certainly there is no limit to the causes that we can put our money towards that are noble and charitable this #GivingTuesday or this holiday season.

My cause for this #GivingTuesday is both noble and charitable.

My nephew, Jian, was born without arms. And you know what…? He does just fine without ’em.  He’s played football, bicycled, hiked, and lived his whole life negotiating with his feet, virtually everything you and I do with our hands.


He’s now ready to drive, and is capable of doing that with his feet as well.

However, the state of Colorado seems to think that if they’re going to give him a drivers license, he has to have a car that’s specially equipped to accommodate him.

So, if you have not otherwise selected a noble or charitable causes to give to this #GivingTuesday or this holiday season, please consider following the link below and making a donation to the car in Jian’s future.  On behalf of his family, we will greatly appreciate it.



And even if you have given elsewhere, if you’ve got a few bucks to throw towards this cause, it will be appreciated by a young man who I find to be quite remarkable.  And if you’re not able to donate, please share this link.  https://www.gofundme.com/wheelsforjian  Thank you…!

Miss Perception…

…it’s not a beauty queen…

Monday through Friday I ride my bike through 10 miles of mixed Hills every morning just after sunrise.  It’s a full-on sprint. Each outing I ride at roughly 95% of my highest capacity for that course.


On Sundays though, I ride a flat round-trip of 26 miles from Bonsall to Ocenaside, ending at the water’s edge where I take a moment to honor the sea before I turn back inland. My Sunday ride is not a sprint, just a steady pace in an enjoy the scenery kinda way..

For the 20 months or so since I have been using this protocol, one inconsistency has stood out on my flat, 26-mile Sunday ride, yet I had not figured out the reason for this inconsistency until a few days ago.

Despite that my route to the coats is flat, and that the wind is usually at my back, my return trip from the coast is always, ALWAYS slower than my ride going there.  I average roughly 19MPH headed west, and 17.5MPH on my return.

One might immediately attribute this to tired legs, and that might make some sense.  Also, stopping for a few moments at the halfway point to take in the sight of the ocean does me no favors. And there is the psychology involved with turning back — the dreary trip home mentality.  So, it’s easy to assume that my return trip would be slower and pass it off as the combination of a mental and physical letdown.


One problem though, I’m an athlete. I train, eat, and prepare like an athlete, especially before my Sunday morning ride.  To my way of thinking, there’s no reason that my 13 miles coming back should be any slower than my 13 miles getting there. In fact, the wind is usually against me headed to the coast, and at my back on my return.  Still, I’m always slower on my coming back.

And equal distance. A flat ride. Proper nutrition prior to riding.  The wind in my favor on the return. So, why am I always slower on the way back…?


Perception. Or should I say, misperception…?

You see, my flat ride is it really flat. I start at roughly 300 feet above sea level, and I end at sea level. Only now, after 20-months of riding this route, have paid attention to my GPS data.  Now 300-feet of an elevation change over 13 miles is almost invisible. To look at this bike trail at any point along the way, it appears flat.

But it isn’t flat, and 300 feet of climbing, even if it’s over 13 miles, will impact cyclists of any level, and I am only an intermediate cyclist.  This 300-feet climbing costs me about -1.5MPH on my return.

Of course this has nothing to do with cycling, and everything to do with human perception.


For 20-months I have assumed this ride was flat – – and it is never been flat. And that, THAT makes me wonder what other assumptions I make all day long that are incorrect or that am completely blind to …? Indeed… Jhciacb


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