Irony At Easter…

One of the great ironies I see in the social media era is this…

I have a network of friends, liberal, open-minded people, who would fight to their death to protect my human rights. If I were gay, transgender, smoked pot, or preferred having sex with inanimate objects, they would support me. Yet there is a duality in how they view people’s religion – they are against it.

By the way, being against religion doesn’t make one an atheist, it makes one an antitheist, and that’s dangerous. Simply put, if a person is against religion as a collective, or a specific religion, that is a form of prejudice – period. To be against anyone’s beliefs in favor of their own is an undeniable act of bigotry, and cannot be justified, only rationalized. Hint: when you rationalize bigotry, you don’t look so good.


Religion has been part of our cultural DNA since hunter-gatherer times. If we accept that cultural evolution parallels biological evolution, and that over time it weeds out traits that don’t serve the cause of advancement, then cultural evolution would have weeded out religion millennia ago. This has not been the case. Though religion has changed through the years, its practice is at an all-time high.

Religion, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of culture. All art began as sacred art. All social structure began as sacred law. All wonder, I believe, is rooted in sacred awe.

As millions of people celebrate Easter this week, I am saddened to see so many of my open-minded friends poking fun at the Christian faith in the forms of memes, sophomoric observations, and childish ridicule. We should do better than that.

To all my friends who celebrate Easter, may you celebrate in peace. To all my friends who ridicule the former, don’t be so gutless. Please support those who wish to celebrate in peace, as you would support those who would rather not.  Be well…  rc


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5 responses

    • Thank you, Uncle Ron. Mom is well, she’s next to asleep on the sofa, talking about how rattlesnakes can disguise themselves as frogs, and therefore I should not longer go hiking. That kind of a day here. i love you!

  1. Well I sort of agree. But how ludicrous does it have to get before you are allowed to call a spade a spade? Do you give the same respect to the Church of the flying spaghetti monster as you do to the methodists? And if the answer is no, why not? Now the scientologists believe that we are a starseed colony from planet Xenu, some 75 million light years away, but the latter day saints one up them, promising your own personal planet after death. The first jew seriously considered killing his own son because a voice in the clouds told him to. Today he would be institutionalized. I think respect is a two way street. Do you realize that atheists poll lower than rapists in America today?
    So I applaud your plea for tolerance but also ask that you consider a little love for those with no belief system, well beyond truth as they perceive it, free from spurious mumbo jumbo.

    • i totally get that, and spend far too much of my waking time contemplating where to draw lines — everywhere. in this instance though, it was mostly directed at the morons on Facebook, posting pictures of goth Jesus in a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt and the caption that says, Forsake This, You Cunt. You know, stuff like that.

      My overall view on religion will always be a positive one, as is my overall view on government. Yup, i said it…

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