It’s He-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-re…

This weekend, I will need to water my trees, flowers, and succulents – for the first time since Thanksgiving. Summer arrived yesterday. Well, one of our summers. We get a few of them here.

Yesterday it was 82 degrees on my front porch by 2:00pm. I wasn’t prepared for summer.  It just showed up. I’m already sick of summer, and it’s less than a day old. I know, only a fool complains about good weather…

It rained a great deal this winter. The overnight lows have wavered between crisp and, holy living f#ck, is this Colorado…?. The drought conditions which have threatened this region for a decade are receding. In 18 years here, I’ve not seen this region so grown out, so lush, and so enchanting, despite the cold temperatures.


The dried ponds, and sand bottom creeks where I walk each day have filled, and now flow. Some now overflow. Just the sight of water, in nature, recreates us. Water can cleanse us, even from a distance. I cherish more, the water that cleanses my soul, than that which cleanses my skin.


I’ve made it a point to spend more time than usual in these places this year – walking in the growth and near the waters. It’s become my obsession. I’ll still walk every day, as summer begins to dry my surroundings, but my walks might be less inspired.

With summer upon us, all the greens will slowly fail, and become tans, and then browns. The blooms will shout for attention for a few weeks more, then fade to crisp. It may cool again for a time, then summer will show up again in late June. The peak of life though, and the height of the waters for this year, is right now.


I’ll long remember this winter – this El Nino which nobody predicted. I know that rain like we have had may not return for a while – or maybe never again, not like this.

At some point, probably later today, I’ll start anticipating winter once again, in hopes it doesn’t disappoint. All things must pass. In an eternal universe though, they will rise again, it’s just a question of when… Jhciacb


If you are not already a subscriber, please scroll up and do so.  Tell your friends about me — about what happens when I push the STOP button on the blender in my head. Oh, and there’s this from Shocking Blue.  Enjoy…

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  1. Water does cleanse and recreate us. I’m glad you got a healthy dose of it this season. One of the visualizations in the meditation app I use involves visualizing the body filling up with a flow of warm, bright sun light. Being neither a fan of too much heat or too much bright light (moderate amounts are good, but neither is a favorite), I always visualize water instead. Even in my imagination it feels much more calming, fulfilling, and life-giving to me. Great post. I listened to your Shocking Blue link. I had only ever heard Venus from Shocking Blue. I must admit, every time she said “She”, my brain was expecting her to say “She’s got it, yeah, baby, she’s got it.” 😉

    • Love that! Water over sunlight that is. My inn Taoist is drawn to water. Fluid. Seamless. Giving. Accommodating Just a few of the words that water evokes in me.

      Shocking Blue had a few lineups and more than a few hits in Holland. But yes, that song definitely had a chord or two, and phrase or two from Venus.

      FYI: Love your turntable/mini Marshall rig. Song Bird – yup. Christine is still best voice that ever gifted itself to that band… .

      • I just unwrapped that new vinyl today. This was actually my first time hearing Rumours as a whole entity. I (obviously since I’ve listened to the radio all my life) knew most of the songs individually, but all together as one complete thought? Amazing. I listened three times in a row. 😉 Thanks, the turntable/speaker set up is my attempt to recreate the sound that filled this house from my parents’ 1970s stereo of my youth. This does the trick. I love it. A subject I will write about one day. One day when I regain the energy to write. For now I will just enjoy the music. Peace to you this weekend, my friend. 🙂

    • I had the album the week it came out. I guess, maybe I was 14 or 15. I probably owned three copies during my teens.

      Listening to albums again has become a joyful event to me for the first time in years.

      Anyway, I hope you find the energy to write soon. Perhaps spring and longer evenings will bring it to the surface….

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