From In The Garage…

I just finished a book on fringe physicists, Jim Carter. As a physicist, Carter is more a garage theorist/hobbyist, in the same way Laird Hamilton is a garage explorer with surfboards, or Seasick Steve is a garage engineer with guitars and amplification.

For all these men, at least a portion of their income is now gathered from the tinkering they have done in pursuit of their ideas, though if they made no money, they would still tinker. In fact, at some point in their lives, each of these men had to earn money elsewhere to support their garage pursuits.

Whether they profit from it or not, garage theorist/hobbyists find profound satisfaction in their explorations. That, and useful things often arise from their curiosity and their pursuit of small ideas – which don’t seem so small to them.

This got me reflecting on my own tinkering, with exercises and with exercise apparatus. I realized, perhaps for the first time, that I have done my fair share theorist tinkering over the years, in pursuit of unresolved issues I have had with traditional strength training and how it’s usually taught and practiced.


Many times, each day, I ask a client to engage in a variation of an exercise which I developed, independent of any instruction or institution. Or, I ask them to do one that I created from scratch, in those wee hours when I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to overcome an obstacle, or find a more efficient path to an outcome.

From filthy guitar pickups, to airfoil surfboards, to circlon physics, to the single-arm deltoid raise apparatus which I hope to have patented someday, I appreciate the garage and all that comes out of it.

Here’s to the curiosity, the tinkering, and all which results from it, in the macro, but especially in the micro… Jhciacb


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  1. I’ve often said that I wish instead of a 3 bedroom house with a 2 car garage, I really needed 2 bedrooms and a 3 car garage, and not for more cars!

    Even Zappa appreciated being down in “Joe’s Garage!”

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