Pacific Standards Time…

I got hung up on a question that I asked myself yesterday…
Which is a better behavior for my business survival…?
A – Lowering my standards
B – Raising my standards
C – Being flexible with my standards
The thought came up as I began thinking about how many times per day I’m faced with the choice of raising or lowering my standards, relative to the moments I find myself in.
The answer, I believe, for most reading this, will be to raise their standards, though I think that’s a bit of an ego trip, and a pat on one’s own back.
I attempted to honestly assess how many times within the scope of my workday I do this – that I must choose between raising or lowering my standards to make a moment fit the two or more people I might be interacting with.
I easily concluded that, for me, lowering my standards to accommodate a moment, is my default behavior, though as I do this, I continually encourage my clients to raise theirs.
It’s a kind of compromise that keeps the train of progress rolling, even if at a slower pace. The word standards in this instance, can also be interchanged with the word expectations.
At the end of the day yesterday, I tried to envision how my day would have gone had I held firm to my standards all day long. My conclusion was that I would be unemployed, or working on an assembly line somewhere.
The answers to my original question are, B and C. Ah, the art of compromise… Jhciacb


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