Come Correct…

I write between 300-1,000 words every morning, usually before 5:00am. My typing accuracy is roughly 90%. This means every sentence and ½, I need to make a spelling or grammar correction.

That’s when my first real decisions of each day begin.

I subscribe to the mindset of correcting my errors as I identify them, rather than after the completion of my work.

The genius that is spellcheck underscores my misspelled words in red. I’m usually 2-3 words down the road when I identify a spelling error. I am then forced into the following decision…

Do I place my finger on the touchpad and glide it back to scene of
the spelling error, then tap down on the touchpad to reclaim my word…? This action is easy, but often I over shoot the word I’m aiming for, and must repeat it.

Do I use the arrow keys which are more measured, and therefore more accurate, but require more effort…?

Or, do I use the backspace key…? The backspace key is the most proximate to my fingertips, but in using it, I wipe out any words which sit between the location where I identify the mistake, and the mistake itself. Doing this can mean retyping as many as 3-4 words.


This choice, between the touchpad, the arrow keys, or the backspace key, is one I make roughly 15 times every 300 words. It’s a choice I make on the fly, and there is no consistency with it – never. On a given morning, I will use all three options.

I don’t know why I can’t default to just one of these correction methods. Seems like I lack loyalty here. This haunts me. However, with so many other things haunting my mind, and doing so all day long, I’ll suggest that maybe, in using them all, I’m just being a fair man, and giving each option equal time. Fair man indeed… Jhciacb


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