The Excavation Of Morality…

Long before single-celled organisms, complex organisms, and long before factories, TVs, and political discourse gone bad, there was the framework of math. Mathematics is woven into the structure of all things.

Math wasn’t invented, as Einstein suggested, it has been there all along, to be discovered as we pull back the layers of the Earth’s natural existence to create our own human existence.

As we excavate to what’s already there, in order to create more of what doesn’t really need to be there at all, we always find math in the digging.  Sometimes the math isn’t what we were expecting, but when we find it, we know it to be undeniable, and true.


So too is the fabric of morality, I believe, woven into all things. Not to be invented, but to be discovered as we peel back the natural world to make our little human nests.

I see that this week – that we are excavating a morality that already exists.  As things unfold in politics and government – as we dig out and around the bones of our political structure, we are exposing more moral truths every single day. These truths though, have been there all along, even before the Earth calmed and cooled.

Moral truth is as real as math – it underlies and exists within everything.

At the end of the day, moral truth can’t be changed or proven wrong, any more than a mathematical equation can be changed or proven wrong.  This brings me comfort… Jhciacb


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