Sniff And Follow…

Sniff And Follow…

I had a one-eyed dog for many years, Pumpkin.  Pumpkin’s one eye would give way to age, and I then had a blind dog.

I began noticing her loss of vision as one might expect; she would turn corners too soon and hit walls, and she would be more apprehensive approaching things and people in a darker environment.  Eventually, she began to freeze and stay in one place, often showing confusion until I found her and helped her along.

I overcame this, and enabled her to live a more independent life with the use of candles.  I wanted to share that here today, in case any of you have or know of people with blind dogs.

Not lit candles, but I used them as markers on the ground.


My home at the time had tile floors throughout, and Pumpkin used 3 rooms regularly; the kitchen, the living room, and my bedroom.  She also used a small patio off my bedroom, which she accessed via doggie door.

I took 3 candles, each with a strong, but different scent.  Starting in the kitchen, by her feeding dish, I took one candle and scraped it lightly along the floor in a line from the kitchen into the living room sofa where she like to sit.

I took a 2nd candle, with a different scent, and scraped it lightly along the floor from the kitchen to my bedroom and to my bed where she also liked to sit.

Lastly, I took the 3rd candle, again with a different scent, and scraped it lightly along the floor from my bed to the doggie door leading to the patio, where she liked to sun herself.

Every few weeks or so, I would retrace the lines to keep the scent strong enough for her to find. This helped Pumpkin find her way around my home for years.

Eventually, would lose her sense of smell and remain close to her feeding dish most of the time, where I also kept a blanket for her to sleep on.  Otherwise, I carried her from room to room.

Nothing big here today.  I Again, I just wanted to share this for anyone who might benefit from the idea…  Jhciacb


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