Pictures Of Match Shtick Men…

We’re all photographers now. Anyone with a smartphone possesses the ability to take worthy photographs. If our photographs aren’t so worthy, there are digital tools available, right after the fact, to help manipulate them into better photographs. In seconds, we can turn any picture into something completely removed from the reality of the original image.

And best of all for this expanding base of so-called photographers, social media has provided us with the one thing we most desire; an audience.


I have more than a few friends who are professional photographers – it’s how they pay their bills. I empathize with them in this era when so many people are taking so many photographs without much thought or experience. The smartphone has made it so that showing up the right time is all one needs to do to take a great photo. Oh, and some touchup skills.


I feel guilty, and sometimes foolish, suggesting that any of my photographs are worthy of a glance by anyone but me. Despite this, I use my own photographs daily in my fitness blog and other social media platforms. When I do this, I feel as though I’m insulting those for whom photography is not just their craft, but their livelihood.

It’s where we’re at though.


Exchanging photographs more frequently, and via different media, is a part of the evolution of how we communicate – pictures are once again becoming language. It’s just that in the modern era, we don’t have to carve them into stone.

Today we communicate with images at a rate much higher in proportion to written languages than at any time in modern history. It has been suggested by some that within a few hundred years, images will have largely replaced written languages as the primary means of communication for our species.

But wait, isn’t that where we started…? Jhciacb


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7 responses

  1. Lovely, mystical photos, Roy!

    I really like taking pictures! A few years ago I was photographing a sunset on New Years Eve in Cedar Key. I had a simple digital camera. Next to me was a professional photographer. He must have had a foot long lens with every filter on his beautiful Nikon. I took my Serengeti rose-tinted pilot’s sunglasses off and held them over my camera’s lens. My photo won an award in our newspaper’s yearly contest with the comment that it was the perfect sunset photo, it was not altered in any other way 🙂

    I hope we don’t lose our skills with written language.

    • Great story. Love it. I own a very expensive camera that I rarely use. I like being portable with my smartphone. It helps that I’m out in morning and evening light. Living in a beautiful place is useful as well…


    • Thanks, Shannon. Mucho. If say you have great taste in music, what I am really saying is that I have great taste in music, thank you for agreeing with me 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos. As I say often, I’m just a chimp with a smartphone. No, wait, it’s my daughter who says that. Smart girl…

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