Star Friends…

Star Friends…

Stare at a star, and be in wonder. Stare long enough, and it will disappear, only to reappear – over and over again. Well call this flickering.

There. Gone. There. Gone.

But we’re not always staring right at that star. Our eyes get distracted. They lose focus, or turn their attention to other stars. That distraction or that loss of focus is why they flicker. The star is there all the while. It’s only our attentiveness the star’s presence which accepts its illumination.

I think about many of my social media friends this way. I accept you into my life with wonder. There’s a reason you are my friend. Sometimes you disappear though, often for long periods of time. You disappear because I lost focus or became distracted.


Unlike the star though, sometimes you disappear because you got distracted or lost focus. The odds of you flickering have now doubled.

Friends are there all the while. It’s only out attentiveness, or not, to each other’s presence which accepts our illumination.

So, you friend, if I lose my focus or get distracted, forgive me. I still look at you with wonder… Jhciacb


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