Reasons, Not Excuses…

Not excuses, but reasons…

I do fitness for a living – it’s kind of what pays my bills.  Despite this, and that I have a well-equipped workout room just 7-feet from where I am typing this, fitness doesn’t happen as much with me these days.

It’s not that I have lost interest in exercise. It’s that my responsibilities have increased, and my priorities have evolved.

Some will suggest there are no excuses to miss a workout.  The Roy of yesteryear would certainly have suggested that to the Roy of today.

And on one level, as a fitness practitioner, I agree that people use far too many excuses to avoid exercise, but there’s a fine line between excuses and reasons.

Yesterday I took my mother shopping to help her with her post-holiday returns.  We were gone most of the day.  I had planned to work out as soon as we got home, but then realized my mammal had been cooped up alone all day, so I took him for a walk – my workout could wait.

After his post-walk treat, I was about to head into the studio to work out.   As I stepped through my studio door, my eldest niece called to wish me a happy New Year.  I was delighted to hear her voice.  When she and I were done, she passed the phone to her sister and it was then my turn to exchange greetings and catch up with her.  She then passed the phone on to her brother.  I enjoyed catching up with all three.

After a day of shopping, a long dog walk, and a long phone call, I was chomping at the bit to exercise – until my brother called, also to exchange New Year’s greetings.  It was nice to catch up with him as well. My workout could wait.

Just as my brother and I hung up, and I was about to rise to enter my studio, my sweet dog jumped on my lap and burrowed into a soft blanket on my lap, and settled in for what I will refer to as, the rest of the evening.


There would be no workout, only CNN’s The History Of Chicago, and that’s okay.

There are excuses to skip workouts, and there are reasons to skip workouts.  Though very often that line is blurry, yesterday it was as clear as a new day after a rainy night on New Year’s Eve.  These were reasons, and all good ones.  Be well…  Jhciacb


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