A heavy day for me yesterday.  Issues with mom notwithstanding, midafternoon I found myself in a barbershop spending $23 (ATM fee and tip included), getting a haircut which removed little hair, but a good portion of my soul, though only for a while.

The barber, a man in his 70s and seemingly not in the best of health, struggled making small talk with me, a new customer.  After several awkward minutes negotiating some fractured clichés of light familiarization, he began spewing campaign hatred at an alarming rate.  He either mistakenly sized me up as one of his own, or just didn’t care about offending me.

Within a few minutes of his rant I had learned that Hillary has killed more people than Saddam, that Trump was going to rid the country of all the lesser brown people, and if for any reason Trump’s victory failed, an all-out civil war would occur within weeks.

When he stopped to take a breath, a female barber seated near us and eating a snack, probably in her 60s, chimed in to reinforce what the man who was too busy hating to properly cut my hair was espousing…

“The nation will go straight to hell” she said, “The woman is pure evil.”

That’s when I was reminded that ignorance is not an individual effort; that it takes a village to raise an idiot.

This is not a political stance for or against either candidate.  Just a reminder that ignorance, like fire, requires three elements:

  • Receiving misinformation
  • Believing misinformation without verification
  • Sharing misinformation

Sky above Barker Reservoir.  August 2014

When my haircut was complete, I stood up, thanked the man, shook his hand as I paid him, and wished the two of them a good Saturday.  It made me feel good to do so – to offer friendship rather than retort.  May you all have a good Sunday.  Be well…  rc


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9 responses

  1. Good Man,Way to bite your tongue. Three things sensitive to talk about: Politics,Religion,and Money. If you mouthed off. The electric clippers in the old man’s shaky hands would’ve given you another kind of buzz cut…Oooops
    Next time I’ll set you up with my Vietnamese barber in Temecula around the corner from Trudy. I can only understand every other word she says,but has skills. And knows where to get the best Pho and Spring Rolls. Dig me some o that Joe Jackson.
    Thanks for the nice distraction from another boxing day. Just call me Pack Man…

  2. Sometimes you need the group, and sometimes the group needs you!

    Interesting, I am currently writing a column on the election. Whether the editor will publish it, I am going to find out. Power to the people (Captain Fantastic)

  3. You are stronger than me. I would have walked out! I have no tolerance for that. I am not sure if I would have said something or not but I would not have sat thru it. Most likely I would have said something. Just me…. I am tired of all the far right that has invaded this country since President Obama took office.

  4. Ways to avoid these situations:
    1. Check the windows for political signs endorsing the opposition,
    2. Look for familiar radical or prison tattoos on the proprietor,
    3. Ask to use the restroom first, go into the storeroom and check for arsenals of weapons and bomb materials,
    4. Hack their laptops to see which right-wing sites they endorse,
    5. or, go to the quick cuts shops that only employ Millennials.

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