Occupational Hazards…


Few unexpected things feel good at 6:30am – to those who sleep alone anyway.  So when the 45-lb. weight came crashing down on my foot this morning, I knew it was not a happy ending, but a crappy beginning, to an otherwise typical day.  Spend your days walking about a gym, and do so in bare feet, and there will be an occasional broken metatarsal bone – or ten.

I had precisely 30 minutes until my 7:00am session arrived, and I was on the floor in the fetal position crying like a little girl in a house full of bad guys and boogiemen.  This was the real deal.  I had not pushed the 45-lb. plate far enough onto the peg which holds it, so when it slipped and fell three feet to my one foot, I screamed.  Only after the scream did I collapse.  The contact was perfect – the edge of the plate squared up in precise alignment with the 5 toes of my right foot.


Both aerodynamic, and heavy…


Thems The Breaks…

Mom was still asleep so after my initial scream, I kept my moaning to a minimum.  Still, I lay on the floor, rolling from side to side, grinding my teeth, clutching my foot, with tears forming in my eyes.  The fact that the pain was not easing up, was an indication this would change the course of my day, and possibly my week.  However, my first client would be arriving soon…

On my feet once again, I looked down to see what might be broken.  I was surprised that no area of my foot was pink, red, or swollen.  Of course, distinguishing between the old broken toes and the newer ones is often a challenge for me.  Punching the soft padding of my upright bench helped me channel my anger, but did nothing for the pain.  I looked to the clock and there was now just 10 minutes until my first client was to arrive – too late to call and cancel, but I was in serious pain.  I limped to my driveway to wait her arrival.

As I accompanied her from her car into my studio, I explained the situation to her, apologized in advance for any pain I might display, and made it the through the session. It only got worse though, as black and blue made their gradual arrival throughout my morning.  One session down, six more to go…

Heads Up…

Only 36-hours prior I had different mishap.  This one also involved 45 lbs., but it was an Olympic bar, not a weight, and it never got close to my feet – because my head broke the fall.  I had the 7-foot long, 45-lb. Olympic bar stored on the top rung of my squat cage – roughly 7-feet above the floor.  A different bar, the one attached to my Smith Machine, was at the 5-foot level.  A client had been squatting with the Smith Machine bar and it had a 45-lb. plate on each side.  As I pushed the Smith Machine bar over head to place it out of the way, the (2) 45-lb. plates pushed the Olympic bar off the top rung.  As I heard the 2 weights making contact with it, I looked up just in time to see the bar hit my face.


Look up.  No, really…

Enter the familiar fetal position and related writhing in agony.  Since my client was present for this one, I held back the tears, punched nothing, and once I was upright, tried very hard to look cool, though I’m certain cool was not how she was thinking of me.  I gathered my senses, ascertained that I was not concussed, and continued with my client, apologetic for this shift in the rhythm of the session.

Being the last session of the day, I collapsed, but only after I walked her to her car.


Red dot Indian…?  No.  Dumb ass trainer…

Things Don’t Just Fall…

It’s not just the dropping of things on bare feet and bare skulls which represent the dangers of the professional fitness trainer.  There are all those protruding extensions which hold weights, support hands, give feet a place to rest, and otherwise temp the clumsy impulses of a careless twit like me.

Just a few weeks ago I walked directly into one of the two hand supports extending from my low-back extension apparatus.  The good news is, relative to the length of my right thigh, the end of the handle did not make contact with any bone or joint.  The bad news, of course, is that it struck the meatiest part of my body, my mid-thigh.  The bruises heeled though, before I knew would be writing this, so no photograph.


Protruding object:  proceed with caution…

One Has To Laugh…

I have no idea how many dings, pings, and bruises have been created by me stepping in and out of the small places such as the one pictured below, but my studio is small and this is my best storage option.  It’s just that I don’t always negotiate it with the same care I instruct my students to take with their own physicality.

small spaces

What could possibly go wrong, stepping in here quickly to grab something…?

Spend enough time working around dumbbells, bars, machines, and do so in small spaces and at a fast pace, and accidents are going to happen – years worth of accidents, and they add up.  The best one can hope for under these circumstances is a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, and iron-rich blood – you know, for proper heeling.  Be well…  Jhciacb


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11 responses

  1. Oh Frick Man, talk about an all you can eat and withstand Buffet. You’re Plate is Full. Chin up,Heads up.Way to remain Positive. I never want to say ” What’s next” Go get ’em Brutus ! Nothing but love for you Roy.Thanks for making me smile…..

  2. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anything broken?? I have had the head thing & not as bad feet thing but I have walked intro so many things thru the years – mostly bruises but I keep going. I am so focused in the gym that I just move on! I hope you’re ok!!!!

    • Thank you, Jody. Yes, 2nd toe on right foot definitely broken. No calf raises for a while. It’s all part of spending all day around a bunch of big heavy stuff. Never injured lifting. My only gym injuries are from being in a hurry…

    • I know, right…? I was going to post and updated pic of the toe on Facebook, Heidi, but the kreep factor is much higher now. Almost all black. Looks more like frostbite than a break…

  3. Sorry Roy!!! What a way to overcome writer’s block!

    I know this doesn’t help you 🙂 , but five weeks ago I accidentally slammed the top of my foot into a chair while practicing a kick. Just this past week I can finally see my tendons again, and it doesn’t hurt much. I don’t know if it was broken or bruised, but these types of injuries take time to recover.

    Stay strong, brother!

      • As you, I’ve worked out everyday with this, and lived my normal life with a few modifications. My biggest frustration has been, I can’t blame anyone for this, just my being stupid! lol

  4. If I may make a practical point of order? For future reference, the one who just got hit in the head with a 45 pound bar maaaay not be the best one qualified to be evaluating whether or not he has in fact concussed himself. 😉 Just sayin’…take care of yourself, boy…the world only has one Roy! 🙂

    • Good point, Shannon. I actually thought about that at the time — at least I THINK I thought about that. I’m reminded of Charlie Brown, paraphrased: Of all the Roys in all the world, I’m the Royiest…. I guess…

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