A Dry Heat…

Saying it’s a dry heat is like saying a pistol whipping is a dull pain.”  Me

I don’t particularly enjoy going out there in the middle of a 90-degree day, and extending myself to the limits of what I am capable of.

The sun is hot.  The air, very dry.  There are rattlesnakes.

It’s not the same as enjoying iced tea on my patio.  The word pleasure doesn’t come to mind.


There is a satisfaction though, in being out there alone exerting myself in conditions most people take care to avoid.  I explore my mental resilience.

Maybe it’s my inner Jew – a daily nod to my ancestors who spent four decades wandering the desert after the big eviction by Pharaoh.


Monserate Mt.  Fallbrook, CA  4.8 miles.  1,200 feet of climbing…

A little self-inflicted punishment so that, by comparison, no other physical task I take on during a typical week will be as difficult.

Being alone, uninterrupted, to work out the struggles between my ears soothes my busy mind.

A daily reminder to the sun that I won’t be bullied.

Last night’s bean burrito.

The sounds of bees, alligator lizards, hawks, and other critters is a nice break from sirens, ringtones, and garbage trucks. Even the wind chimes in.


The only car in the lot.  I am alone with hundreds of acres and thousands of critters…

Plenty of excuses not to.  More are the reasons to show up…  Jhciacb


If you are not already a subscriber, please scroll up and do so.  Tell your friends about me — about what happens when I push the STOP button on the blender in my head.  Oh, and there’s this from Billy Bragg and Joe Henry.  Enjoy!

4 responses

  1. Oh man, every time I drive by Monserate my heart leaps out of my chest now. I actually wake up thinking about it and dream about it during the day. It’s close by, it kicks my butt, and I want to climb it more! Little did I know how healing the dirt is – for all the same reasons you probably love it. I haven’t got to the love of conquering it in the heat yet though. Maybe next year. My goal, get there early when the air is still cool and there’s still a breeze. This weekend it will be Cowell’s Mtn. I want to meet a new friend this time. My goal, meet as many friends in San Diego as possible. Thankfully – there’s a lot of mountains in this area, so I’ll be staying busy for a while!

    • Make no mistake, Jenn, I LOVE AND PREFER it on a cool drizzly Sunday morning, but my life is not set up that way any longer. I’ll sneak in days like that when winter returns, but if I’m going to do it in summer, and going to tech the sun a lesson.

      BTW: Very proud of your 45 time last time you went up. You are making great progress! Charge on!

  2. Misery loves company, I guess 🙂 I can so relate to this! Last week, I had a martial arts class in the morning. I had wanted to run, but the class took priority. I had time after the class and I figured, why not. It was HOT, but I figured I’d stop if it was too hard, and besides, I’ve run all year round here for years. I was cautioned not to, but off I went. Ran longer than I had planned, it just felt good to challenge myself. Checked the temp when I finished, 95 degrees with plenty of humidity.

    • I first took to doing this to improve as a runner. I would always hike or run in early morning or evening. When I decided to run a marathon in 2009 (I think), I decided I would do a lot of training runs in the mid-day sun to toughen myself up mentally. Though I don’t run too often these days, I still hike and ride my bike in the mid-day heat to keep that mental edge.

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