The Ongoing Battle…

I have invested far too much in seeking precise answers to questions that I know have no clear ones.   Chief among these questions is this…

Just because we are capable of doing something physical, and we can refer to it as a form of exercise, does it mean that we should take that action…?

My formula for answering this question has (almost) always defaulted to the risk/reward ratio.  That is, does the risk involved with performing the exercise outweigh the reward…?

I think I have spent the last couple of decades making what I think are good choices based on using the risk/reward formula, both for me as well as for my clients.


Even so, there are times when I step under a bar to do a squat or lay on a bench to push a weight vertically away from my body, and I will ask myself if this is the right thing to do.  If I am wrong, and I am wearing myself out prematurely or putting myself at risk then that’s on me.

If, however, I ask a client to stand under a bar, to jump, or even to twist, turn or bend, and I haven’t fully analyzed and applied the risk/reward ratio, not only am I a bad trainer, I’m also an ass.

On the surface, I always feel as though I am doing the right thing, but deep down I wonder, and I guess I always will…  Jhciacb


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2 responses

  1. Martial arts and bodybuilding may share an unfortunate event, dying younger. Not all the martial arts show this, but the hard styles seem to. The problem is constant inflammation from the stresses. I think there is another commonality. When I look deep inside as to why I strain myself to accomplish in the martial arts, if is not the self-defense, nor the exercises or skills, it is that feeling of confidence that is always with me.

    So it goes…

    • The fine line I attempt to walk, Dr, J, is make bodybuilding on old man’s activity — as it applies to me, and I do think this is possible.

      Years ago I shared with you, in a private email, about the old man bench press crew at a local gym on Sunday mornings. Some into their 60s and 70s who still push much bigger weights than I can, and more than a few with massive arms and chests. Bench pressing they do well. Combing their hair…? Well that takes a little work — frozen shoulders and all.

      I’m shooting for confidence — light.

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