Living Life As A Form Of Exercise…

This will be my last fitness related article for this blog. I will keep the blog active, and continue writing about the aspects of life that interest me – and those which drive me to obsession.

After many years, I have decided to leave the fitness industry due to irreconcilable differences. I will now pursue another career path though no idea what that will be. Wishing You All Peace rc


People often shy away when they read the term, exercise. Just the thought of it evokes connotations of grunting and sweating in ways which are often inconsistent with how adults like to think of themselves. Moreover, that term is often associated with negative consequences to the human body. We all know these; tender back, achy knees, sore muscles, and so-on.


Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative. Being strong is a good problem to have, being capable even better. Becoming these doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a gym. I can think of no scenario when a person’s body is under stress, when they might wish they were a little less strong or less capable.


Certain exercises done in the gym are more life-skills than exercises. Conversely, certain daily actions at home or in the office, done deliberately and with applied concentration, are exercises unto themselves. One that comes to mind is a simple squat, or deep knee bend.

As an exercise, squats have earned a dubious reputation. I have known many orthopedic doctors and physical therapists who have advised patients to avoid squats altogether, citing them as a high-risk exercise for the knees and lower back.

However, I have no memory of doctor or physical therapist ever suggesting to a patient that they not use the toilet, not sit down to dinner, nor sit on the sofa to watch a TV show. The very act of those very acts though, is the act of squatting. On average, a person squats 25 times per day – even those with bad knees. To my way of thinking, this is an opportunity to become stronger.

By simply living life more deliberately, we can enhance our strength – without ever walking into a gym. As a fitness instructor, first and foremost I teach good form in exercise. Practicing good form in our everyday movements can also be a form of exercise.


Sitting, standing, reaching, and bending – these are all motions most of us do on a daily basis. By simply slowing them down, concentrating on them, and being deliberate in our physical actions, we can make our muscles stronger – just by living life. Further, by living our physical lives deliberately and keeping momentum out of our daily movements, we reduce the risk of injury from those actions.

When we are moving, we are exercising – whether we realized this or not. All movement, whether we’re carrying lumber across the garage or laundry up a flight of stairs, is an opportunity to become stronger – by simply practicing good form in our daily actions.


I’ll suggest that if a person apply mindfulness and thought to their daily movement, an increased awareness of their physicality, and increased confidence in their abilities will be just a few weeks away.  Be well…  rc


Please check back in a few weeks to see what happens when I push the STOP button in my head. Oh, and there’s this from The Avetts. Enjoy!

7 responses

  1. I wish this was not so Roy but I respect your decision. SOmetimes I wonder why I keep trying…. it does bring me down often, the lack of anyone wanting to listen to this person that has been at it 35 years.. the wrongs & the rights.. lessons learned.

    As for you – I hope you find happiness.. I really do. People care – I hope you know that!!!

    YES to this! I pay attention to it every day! – Sitting, standing, reaching, and bending – these are all motions most of us do on a daily basis. By simply slowing them down, concentrating on them, and being deliberate in our physical actions, we can make our muscles stronger

  2. I can understand where you are coming from with your decision, Roy. I left the University a few years ago because of irreconcilable differences. Living well is the best revenge 🙂

    I was looking at a column I wrote on running and the first thing I stressed was proper form as THE most important thing!

    I’m sure life will carry you well, as I know you have not left the great theater of action!

  3. We’ve talked about it. You have done plenty of others,and continue to do so. However,now it’s your time. Your time to Live Your Life Deliberately by: Choosing the work which makes you happy,continue your passion in other areas of your interest. Things happen for a reason. You will be fine. You already are, with your deliberate decisions. I look forward to learning more about your journey.

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