It’s all about Roy…

A week in the life…

I’ve been corresponding with several friends, and clients recently who have been curious about my own dietary changes since January.  Since more than a few people have asked about this, I thought I would be a nice diversion this week, rather than writing my usual essay, to share my contest preparation here.

I currently estimate my body fat to be about 11%.  My weight this morning was 162 lbs.  For my bodybuilding competition in September, I should be 152 pounds, at (roughly) 7% body fat.

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago.  Clearly, I still have a long way to go, but the trail is straight, and quite easy to navigate.



My current eating schedule is not glamorous.  It varies little from day to day, as my body in contest preparation, responds extremely well to consistency in eating.  This means eating basically the exact same things at the exact same times each day.  This is correct for the goal, and for the moment, though I have no intentions of eating this way in the long-term.

The meals…

Breakfast:  6 egg whites, red cabbage, asparagus, some onion, 1 roma tomato, some spices

Four pounds of breakfast joy.  In this case, I uses EggBeaters in stead of egg whites.  On sale...

Four pounds of breakfast joy. In this case, I used EggBeaters in stead of egg whites. On sale…

Mid-Morning:  1 scoop of protein powder in water.  1 grapefruit

My mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks...

My mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks…

Lunch:  1.5 medium boneless/skinless chicken thighs, red cabbage, broccoli, 1 roma tomato, some onion, some spices

Lunch is usually some combination of vegetables, and chicken...

Lunch is usually some combination of vegetables, and chicken…

I would be lost without my two eating partners; Greek seasoning and California style garlic salt.  I put them on everything, in equal portion...

I would be lost without my two eating partners; Greek seasoning and California style garlic salt. I put them on everything, in equal portion…

Mid-Afternoon:  1 scoop of protein powder in water.  1 grapefruit

Dinner:  1.5 medium boneless/skinless chicken thighs or breasts, on top of a monster green salad.  Full-on loaded with veggies.  Sometimes this salad is homemade, often times it comes from one of the local restaurants I frequent.  Regardless, it’s usually filled with an ass-load of spring-mix, a few kalamata olives, sometimes spinach, cucumbers, tomato – just depends.

Fallbrook Cafe, I LOVE YOU!

Fallbrook Cafe, I LOVE YOU!

During the night:  1/2 cup oatmeal, l/2 tsp. ground flax, 1 scoop of protein powder.  I wake up naturally at 11:30 or so, and I keep this pre-made by my bed.  I eat it and go right back to sleep.

Living in a vegetative state…

 With the vegetables, I emphasize quantity and quality.  For a given meal, I may also include spinach, Brussels sprouts, and occasionally kale.  All these veggies are useful carbohydrates, and hard to digest.  My digestive organs earn their keep.

My morning scramble usually weighs over 4 pounds, and has been as heavy as 6 – that’s how many vegetables it contains.  The only non-vegetable carbohydrates I currently eat are the oats and flax seed I eat in the middle of the night.

I’m not counting calories at all right now, but guessing I’m in the 1800-1900 per day range.  As September gets closer, I will taper down to about 1,500, and perhaps 1,200 for the last few weeks before the show.   This will all be instinctive, based on how I feel on a given day/week.  If my body tells me I need more food, I add in more.  Conversely, if my body tells me I’m eating too much, I will taper in accordance with my intuition.  I only count grams of protein which, relative to my goal, is about 150-170 grams per day.

Hunger games…

Eating like this, I’m always a little bit hungry, but rarely am profoundly hungry.  It’s tolerable, and a sign that my objective, to live in a sustainable calorie deficit, is working.

The upside of the hunger is that every meal I eat tastes like it’s the best thing I have ever eaten.  My grapefruit tastes like candy.  Cabbage and eggs taste amazing.  My dinner salad is always the best salad I have ever eaten in my life.  This, in my opinion, is a good way to be.

Despite the calorie deficit, and the elimination of most non-vegetable carbohydrates, I have never felt better in my life.  My cognitive abilities seem improved, and my sleep doesn’t totally suck.

Movement games…

My body is functioning at its highest level in years.  My workouts are epic, and include poundages, in some cases, I have never used before.  My runs are strong, but I still think running is fucking stupid.

I strength train 5-6 days per week, 45-50 minutes per session when I’m alone, and 90 minutes or so when I train with my partner.

I'm not a paleo guy, but I do like to get outside from time to time...

I’m not a paleo guy, but I do like to get outside from time to time…

During the week a run 2.1 miles most days followed by some 70-80 yard sprints.  On the weekends I may go on longer runs at the beach or on trail.   Aside from my September bodybuilding competition, I also have have several competitive runs during the next 6 months, including two half-marathons, and a relay across Southern California. I fucking hate running.

That’s it.  A week in the life — for now. This time next year it could be all about Tai Chi, racquetball, or kayaking.  Sitting still is simulating death.

So I let you in a little deeper this week, please reciprocate.  Use the comments field and let me know what you’re up to these days, and WHY…  Be well.  rc


Please check back in two weeks to see what happens when I hit the “stop” button on the bender in my head.  Oh, and there is this from Paul Weller — simply elegant.  Enjoy…

22 responses

  1. You’re an inspiration Roy – try to follow a similar, less-rigid diet but they Mo and I go to a party that features just tons of good food including the best brownies I’ve had in a long time… 😦 Good luck in your upcoming competition!

    • So long as they are not Jeffrey Noble kind of brownies Doug… Again this is for a specific event. After that event, I will eat functionally well during the week, and a little more loosely on the weekends. Less-rigid is good 🙂

  2. Eating like a swine, trying to make up for all of your discipline and self restraint. Discovered a new oreo, at least to me, golden, you can get them double stuffed if you wish…Will spare you and not post a pic.

    • There’s no such thing as a bad Oreo Robert, only different levels of good. Trust me, when this is all said and done, I make sweet love to a box of white chocolate covered Oreos. These are usually seasonal for the holidays, but my mom keeps a stash — just beside the 10 canisters of pirouette cookies she’ll send me..

  3. Nice to see your mojo returning to competitive level. I am thrilled you will be competing! Me? I’m trying to find my waist again, as it seems to be lost.

  4. LOOKING AMAZING!!!! Those eats bring back “memories”. Not as good as you are liking them though! 😉 You really are rocking it! I need you to train this old bod!

    Friggin huge is all I can say!! Take that any way you want to! 😉

    • Thanks Jody — means a lot, truly. I would say you are rockin’ it just fine all on your own. I could NEVER do those crazy ball pushups you do. As the kids say, that’s sick!

  5. What am I up to? About 165. Why? Because I’m not eating right and my workouts are sporadic at best. (Well, you asked.)

    I put off reading this post until now because I am insanely jealous and proud of you. Keep it up. I have a half on May 5. Still waiting for that motivation to kick in. Have only ran 6 miles in my longest training so far. Ugh.

    • True story, and Tim The Kiefer will confirm this: If you can run 3, you can run 13.1. If you can run 6, slam dunk. You’ll be fine. Don’t be jealous of me — this is just something to do in the absence of having a family around me to love and spend time with. I would trade all of this to be eating pizza with my baby girl — she’s just not a baby anymore, and Stroodle hates pizza…

  6. Roy, thanks so much for sharing your training and nutritional details. I always love to hear what works for other people, in particular when they’re working towards a specific goal. I have no doubt that you’ll be exactly where you want to be come September!

    • Thanks Tamara! I live my fitness life in phases. My eating is always relative to the phase I am in, and bodybuilding, for all its awkwardness, clumsiness, and ridiculousness, is the path I’m currently on. Who knows where I will head come September…

    • “super fit” is not necessarily synonymous with bodybuilding Diane, but thank you just the same.

      Yes, lots of food right now, but not excessive calories. By the time I am done eating most of these meals, I am so full I want to puke. In two hours though I am hungry again — the power of veggies!

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