Yes, each day does matter…

I began yesterday thinking I was having the worst possible day…

I woke up to an ice-cold shower – my water heater had developed a leak, and shut down overnight.

I had planned to spend time catching up on food journaling, and correspondence with my clients after my morning sessions were complete – my internet went out mid-morning.

I chose to cancel my afternoon sessions so I could seek resolution to the internet problem, and to have a new water heater installed.

A loss of time equals loss of income for a sole proprietor – this is never a good thing, least of all in the months after the holidays.

Notwithstanding, I missed my own scheduled workout due to the visits from AT&T, and from the plumbers.

Nothing was going well, I was completely out of my rhythm, and there was no sign of my bad day synching back up into a pleasant conclusion.

Eventually, I got my water heater replaced, and I was able to get my internet reestablished – for a while.  I was elated to be connected again.

The first email I opened was from my friend Shelly.  She had asked me if I heard about a mutual friend of ours, who had apparently had a heart attack overnight.  Shelly advised me that our friend, Gretchen, was in the ICU of a nearby hospital.  Through another mutual friend, Gretchen’s cousin Kim, I received the following message a few hours later:

“I just spoke with my mom. Gretchen suffered a severe heart attack. It is estimated that it took between 10-30 minutes to re-start her heart, during which she was deprived of oxygen to her brain. She is heavily sedated to keep from the seizures/tremors she is experiencing that could cause further brain damage. The neurologist said that the next 24 hours are critical, and not much further diagnosis can be made until she is more stable. He said that if/when she comes out of this state, there is little chance of a full recovery.”

Every time I think I’m having the worst possible day, I try to look for a reminder – some little thing that will remind me that things can often be much worse. Sometimes I have to work hard to find such a reminder. Yesterday the reminder was delivered to me, via email.

Gretchen passed away that afternoon. Only a few years separated us in age.   Gretchen was a beautiful woman, with a kind heart.  She was an active person who loved her family, her pets, and her friends. She enjoyed living, being active, and being social.



The sudden loss of someone so young, so active, and so vibrant is always shocking.  I really don’t know that there are any lessons to be learned from this. There is though, that little reminder of the biggest cliché I utter from week to week; that every day matters.

Suddenly that thought doesn’t sound so cliché.

No internet, no hot water, no workout for a day – small stuff, no problem.  Actually, experiencing, and recovering from such small problems seems like a pretty good way to go through life.   “through life”… rc


Please check back in two weeks to see what happens when I push the “stop” button on the blender in my head….

Going Home, by Mark Knopfler

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