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  1. THIS is an awesome post…probably one of the best I have read in recent weeks. Hubby and I committed to making a majority of our Christmas gifts this year and one of his gifts to me was to commit to going to the gym with me, even to the point where he said he would take a yoga or stretch class if that is what I wanted. It truly was the best gift and the one that will last much longer than the 10 minutes to unwrap…

    • Jules — thanks for checking in. That is WONDERFUL that your husband will be joining in! There’s nothing like having a good support system to help your fitness lifestyle. In truth, unless you have that support sytem, it can never truly be a lifestyle. Keep him engaged!

  2. Roy , these are some fabulous suggestions. TIME..that *is* digging deep..and it is a wonderful gift to give. It is far more thoughtful and valuable than any material gift one could give. Thanks for these!

  3. What a great thought, Roy. I’ve been advocating this season, instead of buying more stuff, to either donate to charities, or buying simple gifts from organizations that will help less fortunate ones stand on their feet. I have not thought of the ‘gift of fitness’. Thank you for this great idea, will use it for sure.

  4. Great post Roy! Somebody asked this on FB or a post somewhere & I said my time. With no $$ at all to spend, the one good thing is that I have to give the gift of what you wrote about & honestly, isn’t that such a more personal & giving gift! Love it! I wish it was more about this always!

    • Thanks Jody. In truth, I know that few people will do this. This is one post I wish could be on the front page of the New York times. But even then, people wouldn’t read. We’re just conditioned t spend. Thanks for stopping in!

  5. Wonderful post, Roy!
    Years ago a very poor friend of mine, without ever having heard the saying himself, sincerely told me “The best things in life are free.” Even better as you suggest, giving the gift of love to others will really be a gift we give to ourselves.

  6. Well said Roy. I wonder how many people never start a fitness program because they are too intimidated to try it on their own. Offering your encouragement and possibly offering to join a friend or family member is a wonderful gift that could, in the long run, prevent health problems. What better gift could anyone receive than good health?

    • I live this one Karen. I often workout WITH new clients or struggling clients, and tame it down quite a bit. It really helps their confidence to see me doing exactly what they are doing and not just leaving them in my wake. So I don’t get a very good workout…? Big deal. They get belief. It’s a good trade 🙂

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