Religiously Fit…

I often use the analogy of faith when speaking about a fitness lifestyle.  Matters of faith are where we often make our most mindful decisions.  Fitness dogma may sound silly, but there is a definite parallel between religious faith, and the realization of fitness objectives.

To succeed in fulfilling a fitness agenda there must first be curiosity. After curiosity, there must be structure, leadership, ritual, and obedience. Finally, there must be belief; the belief that something better awaits a person for adhering to the observance of the ritual. Sounds like religion to me.

I actually do celebrate my fitness as my primary religion, and I’m not ashamed to say that because it’s not where my true faith lies.  Exercise is however, where I’m best connected to my creator and to my potential.  Exercise is where the inner me and the outer me come together.

If one is going to toss stone tablets, one will need strength, balance, and a strong core…

If one is going to toss stone tablets, one will need strength, balance, and a strong core…

Suggesting that exercise be compared to religion may be offensive to some people, as suggesting that Toy Poodle be the other white meat.  Still, to be whole is to be physically reverent, not just spiritually reverent.  Be well.  rc

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  1. Thank you Diane. Care for the body should be part of everyone’s faith. The other analogy is this: The body is like a rental car — eventually it must be turned back in. If you have ever turned in a damaged rental car, you know it’s going to cost you…

  2. Diane nailed it. As a staunch outsider to the world of organized religion, but as someone who recognizes my body as a temple, I am often left scratching my head at people who describe themselves as devout and speak constantly of honoring their God with their lives, but who obviously do not respect their God-given, utterly miraculous human body with proper nutrition and activity.

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