Point The Finger At You…

Many people I know complain – most people I know complain often about the healthcare system.  People complain about greedy insurance companies, convoluted billing systems, apathetic physicians and medical workers, and about how those in Washington only make the problem worse.

At the foundation of all of this, in my opinion, there is much truth.  The system in its current state blows.  However, if every capable adult chose to exercise for 20-30 minutes daily, and every capable adult chose to keep their calories in line with CDC recommendations, I suspect the healthcare system would be much more fluid, much more time efficient, and far more dependable than it currently is.

Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and strokes occupy a large portion of the healthcare pie.  Often times these ailments are genetically predisposed and can not be helped, but most often they are self-inflicted.  In either case, none of these are the fault of greedy insurance companies, they are not the fault of convoluted billing systems, and they are not the fault of healthcare workers, or lawmakers.  We can make the healthcare system better by making ourselves better.

A little movement daily, and a few less calories at each meal could add up to a drastically improved healthcare system.  It could also result in a country better prepared to deal with increasing its woes.   Be well.  rc

10 responses

  1. Unfortunately, people get the health care system they have created, and most likely deserve! And it’s breaking us! And every time a good idea comes along that would help, it gets rejected!

    Your idea is very good, and it will be rejected by most also 😦

    • Thanks Jody. I do get optomitic at times — mostly when I spend time around my daughter who is 22. When hear the way she speaks, and the things that she and her friends are involved in, I feel pretty good about the future!

  2. Hey wait a minute…are you trying to tell me I’m responsible for my own health?!?! That’s very un-American – I need someone to blame. Any ideas?

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