Clean Water Is Hard To Find…

Take a glass of clean water.  Put it beside a glass of dirty water.  Take a spoonful from the glass of dirty water and stir it in to the clean water. In an instant you have two glasses of dirty water.

Start over again with a glass of clean water and a glass of dirty water.  Now, take a spoonful of the clean water and stir it into the dirty water.  The dirty water remains dirty – the clean water has not changed anything.

If people were glasses of water, nobody would look like this…

In our social environments; the workplace, schools, social groups, religious groups, and even fitness groups there will always be people with good intentions and those with lesser intentions.  Bad habits spread more easily than good habits.  But we’re not glasses of water, we’re social beings capable of change.  Thus, we should never quit trying to spread our good habits, and we should always strive to be resistant to poor habits.  Indeed.  I hope I’m taking notes…

Be well.  rc

8 responses

  1. Interesting analogy, Roy!

    When you mentioned that we are not glasses of water, I had this image of people as glasses of water. I wondered how we would look held up to the light, illuminating our
    true selves for all to see. Perhaps if this was kept in mind, we would strive to be a little cleaner in our behaviors to each other and our planet and it’s many life forms. We can’t say we don’t have the opportunities to let our true colors come shining through 🙂

  2. ..and I’m reminding myself that my good habits aren’t so fancy that I can’t keep learning good-er habits from others. There’s always room to grow and learn.
    ((…and still laughing about Flossoccoli))

  3. I tend to fall over and dump out all the nasty water and go back to the tap to try again. Failure means I get to try again with more insight and wisdom than the previous time. I am also glad we are social being and capable of change.

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