GMOs in our food system have been a hot button issue in many circles lately including, science, politics, fitness and nutrition.  Those for and those against GMOs, seem evenly divided in the arenas of science and politics.  In fitness and nutrition however, most everyone I know is against allowing GMOs into our food system.  Today, as a fitness trainer, I would like to state for the record my full support the inclusion of GMOs in our food system.

You see, I eat broccoli and spinach every single day – often several times per day.  Of course the broccoli and spinach get caught in my teeth.  Being health minded I floss those particles out as quickly as I can to avoid a buildup of bacteria.  However, I can’t always find a floss pick as quickly as I need to use one, and I often don’t have time in-between my training sessions to hunt down a floss pick.  Soon the next client walks in and I’m suddenly stuck in my next training session, and all I can think about is the broccoli caught between my teeth, and not the client.  The client soon realizes this, and can tell I’m not at the top of my game.

I fear that if this happens enough, I might lose clients over this — my thinking of floss picks rather than focusing on them.  I am therefore in full support of science catching up with this potential career threatening problem in my life and, creating a genetically modified broccoli; flossoccoli.  Flossoccoli will provide me with both good nutrition to support my body, and immediate access to an important tool to aid in my dental hygiene.  And don’t you dare tell me you thought of it first…

Flossoccoli; for good nutrition combined with quick dental heigene…

Happy Election Day!  Be well.  rc

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