Below is a tease for my upcoming essay, Tribes: The Influence Of Others.  Please check back this Saturday for the completed essay.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


From The Fingerprints Of Others

If I could for a moment, recount every person who has touched my life, I would feel as rich as any man.  Nothing has mattered more to me than the eyes I have seen, the words I have heard or read, and the names and personalities which have etched themselves across my psyche to create the living work that is me.  Primary to this are the conversations and the observations which have taken place at the hands of those who I have been so blessed to know, to know of, or to interact with.

From my earliest experiences through my current moment, I am the unwitting product of these influences.  Everything I am I owe to everyone else.  Considering this astonishes and always humbles me; that my very essence is just the reflective fingerprints of thousands of others.  It began with a doctor who smacked my ass, and will only conclude with the person who will pronounce me dead to whoever might be witness.  But for all those in-between – for all those finger painters placing their marks and values upon me, I am grateful.


Please check back this Saturday for the completed essay.  Oh, and there is this gem from Rod Stewart.  I know, I used this one last year, but its organic nature is compelling.  Enjoy…

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