Complexity, Fatness, And Fitness…

A tease for my upcoming essay on complexity in fitness.  Please check back this Sunday for the completed essay.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


4Keeps Part I: My Inner Greed

When I earn something that I want and that I appreciate, it becomes my desire to keep it as long as possible. My favorite shirts, best albums, and even special moments are things I will attempt to hold onto as long as I can.  I’m just not good at letting go.  My strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and muscle mass are among those things I want to keep until I die.  These I get from my daily strength training.

I never took steroids.  Not because I was opposed to the use of them, but because I knew I never would have come off of them.  Though we’re no longer married, I speak with my ex-wife almost every day – it seems I’m even a hoarder relationships.  The thought of giving up something that once belonged to me is just hard to embrace.


Please check back this Sunday for the completed essay.  Oh, and there is little nugget from Sweden’s, The Shout Out Louds.  Enjoy….

2 responses

  1. A good start. I’m a let-goer, though. I really dont care much to hold on to things. Its too bad, cause when I see the value of similar stuff on antiques shows for instance, I was a fool…but I dont care…If my wife is satisfied and my son gets what he needs…why worry? My legacy of handing down stuff is just not there. I prefer the mental meta-physical strength I have….and the things I make (art and the like). Basically, I think I know who i am…I could care less about the brass microscope my grandfather made, ( a similar one sold for ever $80,000) I care more about what he wrote as the editor of the now defunked Brooklyn Eagle.

  2. As Mooney says, “I’m a let-goer” too. But you already have gathered this of me, Roy, as I have aired my letting-go-of over the last couple years.

    There are times I wish I had not let go of things, people or routine and the like, but don’t really have a yearning for them that others do. I wish I could have a more stick-to-it attitude on many of my life’s aspects and applaud you your ability!

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