Nothing Is Perfect…

A tease for my upcoming essay on…  well, that’s why it’s called a tease.  Please check back Sunday the 13th for the full essay.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


Some Things Are Perfect

We continually doubt the existence of perfection.  We preach against striving for it, believing in it, and most are quick to point that nothing is perfect.   And most suggest a perfect world would be a bad thing – that if we lived in a perfect world, what would our contrast be…?   How would we appreciate anything…?  We might be as clinical and unloving as cockroaches and sea cucumbers. 

A science teacher once told me,

“Where there is no intelligence there can be no stupidity.  Where there is no stupidity there can be no mistakes – only happenings.”

He continued to argue,

“That is why insects will someday inherit the Earth – by default, because they are perfect at happenings.”

Though I don’t believe in the potential for a universal perfection, or of a perfect world, I do believe in the manifestation of perfection in many aspects of life; moments, gestures, creatures, feelings, and aesthetics to name a few.  New England might be a perfect place to see foliage.  Diamonds have been cut and rated as absolutely flawless.  A heartfelt “I love you” at a time when it is truly needed might make for a perfect moment.  And in that vein, I offer you


Please check back Sunday the 13th for the completed essay.  Oh, and there is this from (local) San Diego bad, Slightly Stoopid.  Enjoy…

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