A Religion Of 1…

Below is a tease for Part I of my upcoming, 3-part series on building my own personal religion.  Please check by Friday, August 5th for the completed Part I.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


A Douche Bag Looks At 50

I don’t like myself too much these days.  I dislike many of my behaviors, a lot of my choices, a great deal of my history, way too many of my thoughts, and most of my probabilities – but I own it.  On reflection it seems I have wasted most of my upside, and my upside was what I always liked best about me.  Aside from being a one-man wrecking crew of female souls, apparently I’m also a wrecking crew of my own potential – for I now see that I have not fulfilled it.  I know, I know, it’s not too late to fix that, but uhm… I have serious doubts.

I live alone once again, and in a peaceful place.  Away from town and with a view to die for, I’m surrounded by fruit trees, coyotes, possums, raccoons, and even some friendly rats.  I don’t care for the scorpions.  The aesthetic is grounding, if not spiritual.  I’m in a good place to heal from my many external and self-inflicted wounds through this last decade, and to do some growing.  Perhaps I will even begin to fulfill some of that untapped potential of me – we shall see if I rise to the opportunity.  The ideal of personal growth is like witchcraft in the hands of Congress.


Please check back Friday for the completed column.  Oh, and there is this from Mike Scott and The Waterboys — the video is of the home-made variety, but the song is, well, it’s a Mike Scott song.  ‘Nuff said.  Enjoy…

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