The BEST Best Friend I’ve Ever Had…

I suppose this is kind of a “supplemental” post, with no particular purpose but to put a smile on my own face.  Mission accomplished.


“It is medicine to me, the best part of my day and the foundation of all the good within.”  me

I arrive early as sunlight breaches the dark, the overnight cool bends back and gives way to the impending warmth.  Stepping from my bike as I enter my studio I see, in the periphery, a world which blindly scurries about like flies; on their way to work, unfocussed, unaware, and yet uncleansed by movement – guided by a simple trance as they lower their shoulders to the day ahead. 

Drivers in sparkling cars talk on phones and drink coffee while steering with their knees.  Dim people perched on bus benches look to the ground; hands in pockets, talking to nobody as they wait.  Some have more purpose than others, but  none have the purpose I feel entering my gym each morning.  

Yes, I too will scurry later on, and lower my shoulder to the day, but I will do so with a greater exuberance for having first spent time in my sanctuary, challenging gravity, testing my limits, forging my body, waking my mind, thus sanctifying my day.

I am nervous, as I have been each day for 30+ years entering the gym.  I pass through the doors apprehensive, but ready.  As I gather my senses and collect my breath, I place two powder blue sticks of gum in my mouth and begin to work them; they initiate the rhythm which will dictate my pace for the next hour or so. 

Scanning the mirrored walls of my studio, I seek a bare place on the floor where I can set down the gym bag which as accompanied me for decades.   I pull a towel, my training journal and a pen from the belly of the bag and turn to assume my place in the workings.  I am less nervous than anxious now as I begin to visualize how I will spend my time in this place of mental and physical purification.

My fingers wrap themselves around a cold steel bar and I begin the process, not of lifting the weights, but of stretching my muscles, with weights in my hand.  Through a full range of motion, and with complete control of the weights, I raise and lower the bar focusing on the stretch rather than the lift, on the flexion rather than momentum. 

Each set is a dance, each repetition a step within the dance, and after each dance I will write in my journal just how good the dance was, or how it could be improved on.  And then I will choose another movement, and dance on until my body says stop.

My daily workout is the best best-friend I have ever had, and get to dance with it daily.  Be well.  rc

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