Shoo Fly, Not Shoe Fly…

Below is tease for my upcoming column on the utility of exercise in the modern world.  Please check back next Friday for the completed column.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


A Boy In Flux

I ask myself, far too often, what is the real purpose of exercise…?  I can argue all day, and have for many years, about the utility of exercise in the modern world.  In recent years though, I have gotten quite good at arguing against exercise.  I often suggest that, the car with the most and the hardest miles on it will go to the junkyard first.  Today though, I’m back on board with the concept of exercise – if only for the sake of an essay, and perhaps to inspire a few people to take ownership of their fitness.

The Story Of Problems

Writer’s block had woven its way deep into my psyche and I sat on a patio staring at the scrub covered hills ahead of me – a territory for kangaroo rats and coyotes, trying to think of something – anything to fill the sails of my stagnant thoughts.  A fly landed on my left hand and diverted my attention away from my lack of any attention.  He had been there several times before and was beginning to annoy me. I kept my hand still, that I could prepare my other hand to strike.

Monserate Hill. My favorite hiking trail, and a great cure for writer's block...

I raised my right hand as my eyes locked on to my target.  I was ready to strike when I chose not to strike.  He’s just a fly – doing fly things, I thought.  I’m, maybe, millions of times his mass and power, and really, we was not harming me, only annoying me.  I shooed him away.  I would have to do that many times over because he kept returning.  But in all of his returning, his purpose was never to harm me, only to exist doing fly things, and it was only his existence on my skin which annoyed me.


Please check back Friday for my next column, An Ointment In The Fly.  Oh, and there is this from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.  Enjoy…

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