A Cool Change…

Thirty Days In The Hole

I have had one goal above all others; to live an aesthetic life, as a continuing work of performance art, in constant movement, and in deliberate contrast to normal.   Beginning April 20th, partly inspired by my friend Robert Sommers, partly inspired by an increasing desire to just check out for a while, I will unplug from the world of electronic media, entertainment, information, and devices for 30 days; April 20th – May 20th

This is a self-imposed experiment, and an attempt to further explore a modern frontier life.  Living life without these technologies, I reckon, will surely be frontier, and one that few people in this era would dare step into.  I can hear it now:

“Oooooooo, no interntet…, OMG, how will you survive…?”

On the rotting carcass of my Blackberry, and on jerky made from freshly skinned phone chargers and ear-buds I will steel from your children in the night.

During this period I will not use the internet, texting, Facebook, or email as a means of communicating.   I will not use my computer, Television, radio, or my i-Pod as forms of entertainment.  I will use my telephone, only that I stay connected with my daughter, my loved ones, and my business.

I will begin reading books again, rather than listening to them, beginning with Mr. Sunset; The Jeff Hakman Story which has been on my bedside table for almost a year.  Beyond that, it will likely be books on cultural evolution, religious evolution, and philosophy.  For thirty days my den will be the fire pit in my backyard.  I will leave it to others to enjoy all those murder shows like Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and how they influence the very way we perceive and accept murder.

I will write with a pen and paper only, and this may prove to be my largest challenge.  My ability to form thoughts, though often keen and sometimes unique, is not linear.  That I write intelligently at all is largely the product of the modern word processor, and its ability help me organize my chaotic thoughts as they collide in my head during the battle my mind wages on itself each day.  Still, I will take notes of my life on legal pads, write what strikes me when it strikes me, probably in bullet-point form, to be re-formed and re-worked later as I am able.

I will remember music in my head only, and I’m okay with that – I’m getting sick of music anyway.  Three chords and the truth can only do so much to help offset 500 channels and a pack of lies.

I will avoid all print media; newspapers, magazines, and periodicals.  I’m sick of the lying and the finger pointing anyway, which has woven itself throughout the political and social spectrum, and I am sick to death of the information media and the lack of decorum, reason, and mindfulness which all mainstream media sources lack.

I will take the weather as it comes, without the benefit of a forecast.  If I get caught without an umbrella, surely I will survive.  I will wait for a friend, client or neighbor to tell me of the next war, natural disaster, or assassination.  If there is a piece of space-junk headed my way, I’ll duck.  I will live dumb-happy with the knowledge that the only knowledge I have for 30 days will be knowledge of the moment.

Though I may write about this experiment in a future column for this blog, my primary reason for this experiment is simply that I wish to explore a frontier, and we seem to be running out of frontiers.  I want to walk into a place where others are afraid to walk, and where I’m not sure what I will find.  I want to spend a prolonged amount of time testing the limits of my adaptability and my resourcefulness in a strange environment, and come out on the other side with a heightened perspective on where I have been, and I where I can go.

Most every inch of this Earth (oceans notwithstanding) has been touched, every mountain has been climbed, and every big wave break has been surfed.  The rivers have all been run, the sky is no longer the limit, there are cars which go faster than jets, and the frontiers which remain are more likely internal – this one is going to be mine.

 If you have to come to this website to learn more about Emerge Fitness, please click here, or call me at 760.521.2071.

If you have come to this blog to read my unique perspective on the concepts, the ridiculousness, the awkwardness, and the outright embarrassment of how we perceive and practice “fitness” in the modern era, please spend some times visiting the archives of this blog which can be found on the right margin of your screen – there is 2 years worth of such perspective, I promise it will make you think, and it’s free! 

If you have come to this website in search of better exercise routines, recipes for a healthier chicken salad, or a list of the top 5 butt-blasting movements, you’re in the wrong place and I suggest going away – now!

I may be back posting new columns by the end of May, and truly, I may not be.  Thank you very much for supporting me in this experiment.  Be well.  rc

Oh, and I bring your THREE tasty morsals this month — to hold you over.  Respetively, the BellRays, Iggy Pop, And The Little River Band.  Where else would you find them all on the same stage….?  Enjoy…

14 responses

  1. Hey Roy,
    I applaud you big time in putting this out there…and committing to do it.

    We are surrounded by “noise”, in all it’s forms and shapes. That you are deliberately stepping away…I think this is really pretty damn awesome.

    Be well, my friend…and may this next month provide much insight for you…

  2. Quite an “experiment” that may turn into more than that. Roy, I do think you need some time away for you & I really hope this helps! I would be eager to see how it felt but it all depends on if you decide to write here again. Finding & fixing (if you can call it that) you is more important though…

  3. You are AWESOME, Roy! I missed talking with you before you unplugged, but hope to hear from you soon…maybe I will get an answer if I call just to check on you, maybe not, but I will truly, truly miss you! Hope you emerge (no pun intended) fully embracing a new pattern for living 😉

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