The Sounds Of A Timeless State…

A tease for my upcoming column on Exercise And Timelessness.  Please check back next week for the completed column. 

And a reminder; next week’s column will be my last post until after May 20th.  Between April 20th and May 20th, I will be exploring a month without digital information and digital entertainment.  During that month I will be available by telephone only, and only to those who need me. 

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from next week’s column:


Conversation Part I

A conversation ensued recently between a friend and me, prior to us getting underway for a short but fast 20-mile bike ride.  My friend, in her late 50’s, told me of how years ago, the sound her golf club made as it lowered to, and struck her golf ball, took her to a different place.  That sound, the swish and the subsequent strike of the ball, put her in a state of, all is good with the world – at least for a while.  Golf was where she found timelessness.

The Conversation Part II

As we got on our bikes, my friend explained to me that she has a new sound now; the click.

 “Clipping in” as cyclists call it, is the act of fitting a connection on the sole of a cyclist’s shoe, into an awaiting connection on the pedal of the bike, for more efficiency in pedaling.  The act of clipping in is accompanied by a clicking sound.  That click, is what now puts my friend in that state of, all is good with the world – at least for a while.  A simple sound, acting as a signal that inner peace is about to commence. 

After the clip and as the ride begins, she will develop a rhythm with her legs, let a cadence play in her head, and her mind and her body will become supremely correlated.  So long as her mind and body are so well tethered, her essence will exist independent of the world around her.


Please check back next week for my completed column.  Oh, and there’s this from Rod Stewart.  Simply amazing.  Enjoy…


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