A New Frotnier…

A tease for my upcoming column on my life at the intersection of Divorce, Frontier, and Normal.  I warn you in advance, I have once again been experimenting with intelligence.  No worries, no worries, my intelligence, not yours.

Please check back next week for my column, Leaping With An Anchor.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:


A Few Frontiers Still Remain: My Next Ex

I want a divorce – or at least a trail separation…

I remember being 9 or 10 years old, looking around my family’s middle class home and all that went with it.  Even then I could not help but wonder why people felt the need for so much – such big houses with so many untouched things, when a simple camper or tent could suffice.  Society’s lust for more has never made sense to me.  Still, I grew up, bought houses, and furnished them with all kinds of things because that’s what we do – at an early age, we get married to the concept of more.

Similarly, I have recently begun to wonder why people need all of this technology which surrounds us; electronics, the internet, information media, social networking, etc.  Still, I use Facebook, text, connect to NPR each morning to see who’s dead or who’s ahead in the polls, and I take hundreds of pictures each month which will never see a darkroom.  I have not used a pen and paper to write more than 10 consecutive words in over a decade – I just push a lot of buttons when I wish to say something.  And such is the state of my marriage – my marriage to silicon, fast information, and easy entertainment.

I want a divorce from normal, or what is rapidly becoming normal.  I want to explore life without electronic devices and information; that I might live more happily, exploring this inner-frontier – at least for a while.


Please check back next week for the completed column.  Oh, and there is this from Lloyd Dobler, the patron saint of steering clear of normal.  Enjoy…

One response

  1. I too get weary of this earthly firmament. Your problem Cohen, is that you put yourself down too much. Wouldn’t be so bad to get a little bit vain now and then. You are a bright boychik, deserving of all kinds of happiness. Just because you have been so richly blessed doesn’t mean you have to be so damn humble all the time. Let us knock you down. More fun for the rest of us.

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