The Chaos Within…

A tease for my upcoming column on the chaos within.  Please check back back next week for the completed column.  In a related story, please take time to read Burning Embers, by my friend Robert Sommers.   Below is an excerpt from next week’s column:


“I long to be in a simpler state.  Taking inventory of the events of the day – of these days, is better disclosing to me the chaos deep within; the chaos within me, within the world, within an idea or and within an atom.  We are doomed, yet we may only be probable at a given moment.  Humanity itself is either my illusion, or is god’s own Ponzi scheme.    

The events in Japan have been heart-wrenching to watch unfold – from my comfortable sofa.   Like many of you, I want to give Japan a big hug, or to roll up my shirts sleeves and help them dig out, but $75 via PayPal will have to suffice.  Earthquake, tsunami, radiation, and chaos add up quickly to become guilt for me not being there to receive god’s ass-whoopin’ myself.  Rarely do I get included in disasters, warfare, or turmoil anymore.  Put me in Coach Yahweh, put me in…

I feel like a donation is not enough.  I feel helpless toward my human brothers and sisters in need.  Still, the events in Japan won’t change the facts that my bills need to be paid, my dogs wake me up barking every morning at 3:00am, and I find the hair on the backs of my ears rather unsightly, and am concerned that people will judge me for its presence.  And at the end of the day, I ride my bike 18 miles, and on completion I run 3 more – that I can feel good about myself.”


Please check back next week for my completed column on The Chaos Within.  Oh, and there is this from Akira Kurosawa.  Thanks Ewa.  Enjoy…

2 responses

  1. Here’s a big hug for you Roy ((hug)) Heart wrenching seems like not enough to describe the events that have unfolded and continue to unfold.

    Tonight at the dinner table it was just my youngest daughter and myself and I was praying over the meal and lifted up the people in Japan to God and was literally at a loss…I had no idea what to ask God above on behalf of that poor idea how to pray other than mercy..and that just seemed so trite.

    Looking forward to your column as always..especially this one. I have a feeling many of us will be able to relate to the chaos within. I know I already do..this past week has been tumultuous deep inside me with some deep soul searching .


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