Walking The Walk — At A Lesser Pace…

Here is a mid-week tease for my upcoming column, Part III of my ongoing series on life as a Fitness Trainer.  

This week’s column; Walking The Walk — At A Lesser Pace.  Please check back this Saturday, February 12 for the complete column,  In the mean time, below is an excerpt.


“Show me a man who has the same values at 50 that he had at 25, and I’ll show you a man who has waisted 25 years of his life.”  Muhammad Ali.

Change; Often It Comes With An Anchor

“It’s not that I got lazy; it’s just that I just quit caring…

…or, that I quit caring so much about what once was my largest priority.

I am no longer supremely conditioned, or look like an action-figure in sleeveless shirts as I did 5 years ago.  Still, I’m way ahead of the game for 49 years of age, and one can tell at a glance that I invest a good deal of time in exercise.  I had always thought though, that if I worked in or owned a gym, I would remain in great shape for all my days – because that has always mattered to me. 

I have reasoned that so long as some decent equipment was at hand; by way of proximity, availability, and my discipline, these would combine to ensure my great physical conditioning – ongoing.  I never counted on supreme conditioning no longer mattering to me – or not so much.  It’s alright, dry your eyes, I’m not crying for you – priorities change, that’s just the way it is. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to workout; weights, riding my bike, running, trail hiking, and I do all of these weekly, and often daily.  The intensity, however, and the effort I apply to my daily action is waning, as is the frequency and duration of such activities.  I’ve just become estranged from my go big or go home mentality.”


Please check back this Saturday for the completed column.  Oh, and there is this from the Hoodoo Gurus; What’s My Scene. Way better than the MTV video from the 80’s. This song remains a favorite.  Enjoy…

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