A Life In Fintess…

With this, I’m kicking off my ongoing series on Fitness As A Livelihood.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing various aspects of my life in fitness training.  With no agenda in mind, I will attempt to relate thoughts, ideas, and experiences from my life in fitness.

This series might include the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and some of the less considered oddities and eccentricities which exist in the life of a fitness trainer.   I will attempt to pick a fresh topic each week until I no longer have anything to say.  Ok, I know I know, I hear your laughter.  Whatever.  Screw you.

This Saturday, January 22nd, I will kick this series off with some thoughts on success; on how I stay busy, even in a down economy. 

Oh, and there is this from the documentary Lightning In A Bottle.  David Johansen and Hubert Sumlin amazed me.  Why this has been viewed less than 200 times is beyond me.  It might be the most refreshing 3-minutes in music I have ever seen.

Please check back this Saturday for more on my new series.  rc

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