Coloring Outside The Exercise Lines…

A tease for Part I of my 3-part series on just how important/unimportant the frame work of fitness is — or isn’t.  Please check back this weekend for Part I of, Coloring Outside The Exercise Lines.  Below is an excerpt…


“People often tell me that I’m, “smart for a personal trainer.”  On the scale of condescension, that’s just above saying, “you’re really cute for a fat chick.”  Of course I am smart, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sensitive…  

And it’s not even that I’m smart, it’s just that I have a high capacity for identifying and cutting through bullshit – the best gift my dad ever gave me, and one I am grateful for each day of my life. Most of what gets written about, talked about, and shared in the fitness world is bullshit; notions turned into memes which become the hard and fast rules of how things should be done in the gym to accomplish specific ideals.

I will suggest everything you are doing in the gym is wrong – or pretty frickin’ far from right.  Why?  Because you are probably following the mindless actions of others, and avoiding the cultivation of your own knowledge and instincts.  You  have probably never asked yourself some of the more important questions which need to be understood prior to assembling an exercise agenda..”


Please check back for the remainder of Part I, Saturday, December 4th.  Thank you.

Oh, and there is this from Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage.  Nothing to do with fitness, but one of my favorite songs.  And for those who know me and just rolled their eyes, YES, every song is one of my favorite songs — emotions just work better that way. 

5 responses

  1. Looking forward to that list of questions! 🙂

    Top 3 on my list of reasons to despise someone for all of eternity: “You have such a pretty face!”

    Dint come at me with that line. If you think I am grotesquely fat, fine, but instead tell me I have a beautiful soul. Some people are such tools!

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