Thoughts On Gratitude…

A different kind of tease for the week. ..

 I have been asked by Ashley at to participate in an interblogg experiment, and write about the word Gratitude.  This experiment is called Self-Discovery, Word by Word.

I am headed to the Northwest for a few days of empty-head time and will not be posting a column this week.  I will post my column on Gratitude Friday, October 15.  Please check  back then.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:

“Gratitude; to know it on any level is to first nod to the miracle of overcoming the greatest of odds…

The odds of me ever being born were stacked astronomically against me.  That 14-billion years ago, some particles would form from nothing, collide with other particles, forming more particles still and that a proportionately small cluster of those particles would be worked and reworked until they eventually became me is beyond my comprehension.  That said, it is well within my appreciation.  I appreciate being here – gratitude.  And really, gratitude is just a formal name for appreciation.”

Please check back Friday the 15 for the completed column.

Oh, and there is this from Trixie Whitley, daughter of the legendary Chris Whitley.  The acorn did not fall far…

17 responses

  1. Oh, yeah. Keep us waiting.
    Loved the tease though. Every time I look at the starry sky I am amazed how improbable all this is that we are here and wonder if maybe, just maybe I am looking into somebody else’s eyes on a planet far away.

    • Ewa: It’s my MO, wink wink, nod nod. I love the word improbable. Yet, I buy the physicist’s argument that, in an eternal universe, everything is probable — just a matter of waiting it out 🙂

  2. Gratitude was never a word in my vocabulary until recently. It wasn’t a word I understood or appreciated. I pottier myself for the events that happened to me and that were not within my control. I dwelled on the past and what wasn’t meant to be. I would curse God and ask “why me?” The change has happened slowly but is absolute. I am no longer afraid of telling friends and family I love and appreciate them. I’m not afraid to fail or to FEEL. I know I have tangible offerings to this world. I look around me and I can admire the beauty of my surroundings – the splash if the waves on the shore, the occasional seagul flying by. Yes, I am grateful I am here and I am in this place. I also express gratitude for everyone I’ve met on my journeys – and you are definitely one of those people. So yeah, I know a lot of shit about gratitude.

    • Bobbie: I see it in you, and I have seen the growth, the attitude, and the more reflective spirit in you, and I bow down. It is wonderful to see.

      That said, you made it all the way to your final line before dropping a “shit”-bomb… a new record 🙂

  3. I just read your breaking up with yourself post.
    I did the same thing a few years back because that old chris was a perpetual victim in her own mind.
    I am on a huge Jack lalanne kick. I do my workouts with him 3 days a week. He is a great guy and very positive.
    I do the gratitude thing at night because it’s when I it’s something like
    Thank you God for allowing me the privilege of a roof over my head. for my family. for my healthy kids. for my brain and all my limbs.
    Have fun on your trip. Not thinking can help you recharge. Hope you come back feeling ready to go.

    • Chris, I appreciate your visiting my column. I think you have a fine website. I cannot comment on yours due to not being able to use the available options.

      Thank you, Roy!

    • Chris: Thanks so much for taking the time. We definitely have Jack in common — among other things. I would imagine, that even if you did not have all of your limbs, you would be grateful for the ones you do have. You just strike me that way.

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