Where there is a Buckminster, there is a way…

Sitting On The Fence

I go back and forth on whether any of this matters – whether we should be concerned with what we call wellness or fitness in the modern era.  Still, my looks as well as my abilities are central in my life.  Appearance and ability seem to be central in the lives of most others, whether they strive to nurture those ambitions, or knowingly suffocate them.  In the scope of life’s undiscovered purpose though, I often believe that fitness and wellness are meaningless. 

I can make an argument that the concepts of wellness and fitness are agenda-ridden farces. I would argue successfully that if we could do any better than the current obesity epidemic, and declining health of our masses, we would.  Though much well intended research and effort exists in the fields of what we call wellness and fitness, the facts remain that obesity is on the rise, foods are more highly processed than ever, and the health and abilities of Americans, on average, are on the decline.  It’s just where we are – it’s just the best we can do.

Ready, Willing, And Unable

I could make the argument above, but I don’t want to – not today anyway. 

I just had my favorite meal for lunch; a very raw and very crisp Greek salad at a local café.  I enjoy this ritual so much; ordering it, watching it be made, taking in the aesthetic as it is placed on the counter before me, and then slowly enjoying it in the company of a waitress who stares relentlessly at my arms.  I always walk away from this experience feeling emotionally fulfilled.

And of those around me today, eating their burgers, pot pies, and sauce drenched entrees while I ate my crisp veggies, chicken, and kalamata olives, I just accepted that, as a whole, it’s the best we can do…

… and then came time to pay my check at the cash register.  I never have a problem with this; I take out my wallet, I hand the clerk my card along with the check, I sign a little piece of paper, and walk away.  Not so much for the man in front of me – he struggled to pay his bill, and it made me sad.

Oh, he had money; that was not the issue.  The larger issue was that he was unable to retrieve his money.  The 100 or so extra pounds carried on and near his waist, and the poor physicality which that fostered, rendered him unable to retrieve is wallet from his hip pocket.  So he looked back and asked me if I would take his wallet out of his pocket for him.  I trembled.  Not that I was afraid to assist him, but because I thought,

This is the best we can do…?”

Sometimes You Just Know

I just know it’s too late for this man.  The damage is done, and I would bet all twelve of my senses that he will never lose a pound, never give up the pot-pies, and will struggle again someday soon to get his wallet from his pocket.  How many people in America, I wondered, are in this man’s shoes?  Is this our national destiny?  Is this really the best we can do?

And Sometimes Moments Change You

I am no longer on the fence with this issue.  I now accept that the future of America’s physicality must be changed.  However, I no longer believe that change will be built on the success of a 350-pound man in a rural café ordering a salad rather than a pot-pie.  Nor will our future be built on the success of a middle-aged mom who wants to lose her bat-wing arms. 

The future might be built by a volunteer army; men and women who choose to invest time helping children help themselves.  Children are the future, not obese grown-ups who missed their chance.

The Government Stole Fitness, I‘m Stealing Back

In the coming weeks I be will trading in some more of my blogging, commenting, and Facebooking time with the like-minded people who help keep me motivated.  Rather, I will invest that time attempting to connect with people who are not fitness minded at all, nor motivated – the Dorito generation.

A mindful friend and I believe that, with the right plan, we might be able to help the future of American physicality.  Together, he and I are going to attempt to take fitness back to the kids.  Since kids don’t read fitness blogs this will need to be accomplished with face-time.  I am in the early stages of establishing a curriculum and protocol that will enable this process at my local level.  If successful, I will attempt to grow it. 

If You Like What The Government Does…

It is the intent of my friend and I to outsource fitness away from the government, and back into the lives of children in need in much the same way as the President’s Council On Physical Fitness did back in the 60s and 70s – before it got squashed by agenda and political bureaucracy. 

Our vehicle for this endeavor will be The Buckminster Fuller challenge 2011.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks…  Be well.  rc

Once my framework and business plan are in place and ready to be implemented, I will be seeking volunteers to implement sister programs in other regions.  If you have an interest in, and are SERIOUS about supporting this project, please contact me at emergefit@gmail.com  

I will ask this one time, to please paste the link to this column into your Facebook page today.  I appreciate your support.  Let the process begin…

27 responses

  1. Even though I will very much miss your witty FB posts and blog posts, I am so impressed that you are taking a major stab at a tangible way to help our youth. You are a rock star in my eyes.

  2. A) Thanks for the Facebook love Bobbie!
    B) I’m not quiting blogging or Facebooking – just cutting back a bit.

    I have made a commitment to myself that I am taking this project seriously. So each time I sit at my computer I will ask myself, “Is it Facebook time, or helping kids time…?”

    Kids should win that battle 3 times out of 5 — I hope.

    Plus, there is OUR project…….

  3. I’m results minded, I like things that accomplish that.

    Everyone says if you can get to just one person….with kids you can reach so much more.

    My daughter started school, there’s 13 kids in her class, she’s one of 5 who is at a healthy weight. The teacher is morbidly obese and teaching them how important it is to be healthy. The world is backwards. Things like this can affect change and I look forward to the plan.

    I will tweet.

    • Thanks for the support Rita. I am not presently a Tweeter, thus have never heard of “Tweet fluence”. Smile of the day for 🙂 And yes, the world is backwards, I’m just to a point where I want to go down swining!

  4. So he looked back and asked me if I would take his wallet out of his pocket for him. I trembled.

    Roy, this is what so bothers me & like my post this week on people that watch family members die.. old & young from obesity related diseases. If you can’t get your wallet out of your pocket, don’t ya think you should be doing something about it…. I know, I ramble on here & on my blog!

    I so agree.. it has to start with the kids BUT also the parents that set up the kids for failure or success because for many years, the parents are showing the kids by their actions & feeding the kids in the house.. making the decisions on their food.

    I LOVE WHAT YOU & DR. J ARE DOING!!!!! You know I am there for you & will support you 150%!!! I am posting this to FB & I am there when you need ground control in sister cities or whenever!!

  5. This sounds exciting. I wanna know more. Outsourced fitness sounds so…. civil rights era-ish. I am almost 38 (creeping towards middle age), and I do not intend to EVAH see some bat wings on my body.

  6. The wonderful mental hospital where I studied in medical school was originally founded by Quakers in 1813 as “The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason.”

    We may be like a couple of Don Quixotes reaching for the impossible dream, but know that with Quixote, when he was forced to gain his reason, he lost his reason to live.

    Sometimes when I compare the “sanity” of our world to the harmless and kind inmates of that Asylum, I’m proud to be like Don Quixote 🙂

  7. This idea seems like a great start. Can’t wait to hear more. Even more Ironic, after my walk, and my epiphany, I realized I wanted to work with kids and helping them to get healthy. In all three areas, physical, mindful, and nutrition. I have been looking into nutrition schools and a few other things. My goal was to get something going in Princess V’s school. I just recently joined the site council and am reading through research data on kids and obesity. I WILL be following this CLOSELY. LOVE what you are taking a chance with and I adore both you and Dr. J.

    • Thanks Jules! My intent is to have the framework in place by March. I will only post about it after large steps have been complted along the way… much to do. Wll keep you posted!

  8. Roy,
    Great message – and plan!!! Reaching kids, getting them started on the right foot in life – that’s a great gift to give!!!

    I’ll support you any way I can!

  9. I can think of no better way to address the issue of obesity than to help prevent it. My husband fondly talks about the days of The Presidential Fitness Test. Making fitness fun in his elementary school years has led to a lifetime of fitness for him. If more children could experience that from the start perhaps the trickle down effect could be incredible.

  10. Karen: I would go through the Presidential fitness test line over and over again because I got a certificate each time I went through it — it was so much fun and such a joy.

    I am hoping to target children at younger ages; early elementary where lifetime habits can still be cultivated.

  11. This is really great. Sadly, I too believe it is already too late for most American adults. They will never give up the processed and fast foods that are killing them not only by obesity but likely by cancer also. I am always saddened when I see kids who can’t even run a block to catch the bus.

  12. This is a wonderful idea! The younger generation definitely need to be reached out to.

    This is something that I would be really interested in getting involved with, but unfortunately I’ve already got rather a lot on my plate at the moment, so to speak. Can’t wait to hear more about it and I hope that at some point I can participate by implementing a sister program in Winnipeg.

  13. It has to be also about the parents. They are the role models, they set the example. Obesity runs in families not because of genetics (well, not only) but because of habits cultivated over years and years of mindless eating and inactivity. Some years ago I tried to get a group of homeschoolers on a fitness program with games, hikes, bike rides, anything that would get them moving. You would think that with more flexible schedules than those of schooled kids it would be easy. Not so and I have only myself to blame for not making it clear to the parents that physical fitness is as important, if not more than reading and math. Ancient Greeks knew that well. Somehow, we don’t.
    Hope you have more persistence than I did.

  14. I don’t agree.
    I think we do need to help kids…but nobody ever will take the place of parents and their example in a child’s life. Nor should they.
    That man isn’t beyond hope.
    I am sure three years ago, someone looking at me would have supposed that I was too far gone.
    But that wasn’t the case.
    Giving up on anyone…underestimating the human spirit. Bad bet.
    I think we can focus on kids and give them tools…but lets not ‘give up’ on anyone.
    Those kids can get classes all day long but if they are going home to easy cheese type foods and crap, it will all be lost. The one thing I did right during my years of obesity was eat in private. I bought healthy food for my kids and gorged in my car. My kids are thin and healthy. My husband is thin and healthy, and now i am thin and healthy.

    • Chris: Thank you for dropping in and offering such sincere feedback.

      I currently work with a teenager who gets none of this from his parents. His only connection to better health and fitness is through me. His parents do not know where my training studio is, nor have they ever met me. At home they do nothing to encourage him ingood eating. In that since, I am his health parent.

      And I was not suggesting that all 350 pound people are meant to stay there, but rare is one like yourself who found the courage and fortitude to make that change. That’s why we still have obese people, and why that percentage continues to grow. Your kind of courage is on the decline.

      I do respect what you say about not giving up, but I feel it’s more a matter of where we apply our energy and resources.

      Again, thank you. Please come back, I like what you bring to the dicsussion.

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