A View From The Fence

A tease for my upcoming column on…  well, not gonna say.  Please check back Sunday, October 3rd for the complete column.  In the mean time, here is an excerpt:

I go back and forth quite a bit on whether any of this really matters – whether we really should be concerned with what we call health, wellness, and fitness in the modern era.  Still, my looks as well as my abilities are central in my life.  Appearance and ability seem to be central in the lives of most others, whether they nurture those ambitions or suffocate them.  In the scope of our lives’ undiscovered purpose though, I often believe that fitness and wellness are meaningless. 


Sometimes we just have to commit...

I can make a strong argument that the concepts of wellness and fitness are agenda-ridden farces. I would argue successfully that if we could do any better than the current obesity epidemic, and declining health of our masses, we would.  Though much well intended research and effort exists in the fields of what we call wellness and fitness, the fact remains that obesity is on the rise, foods are more highly processed than ever, and the health and abilities of Americans, on average, are on the decline.  It’s just where we are – it’s just the best we can do.”

Please check back this Sunday for more.  Oh, and there is this from Jack LaLanne — nobody listened then, nobody listens now.  And so it goes..

6 responses

  1. I just saw Jack being interviewed on ESPN for his 96th birthday!! He was sharp, witty, and still focused on helping people live better lives. The ESPN reporter was an ageist jerk, not worthy of interviewing an icon that will possibly be spitting on his (he looked about 35) grave one day, except that Jack is too much the gentleman to do that.

  2. Bah-humbug! Personally, I think we can always do better. That’s as a society, as a people, and as individuals. In my humble opinion, that’s one of the reasons why we are here. To do better.

    RE: Undiscovered purpose. You may be on to something there, but I’m of the school that YOUR purpose (and those of your ilk) is to show us how fitness and wellness can be MEANINGFUL and make a difference in other parts of our lives…

    The video was amusing to me. Jack Lalonde: prophet. Back then who else could say they saw an epidemic of obesity proportions that would turn this nation into a bunch of blubbery slobs? The guy had vision way beyond his time.

  3. Ooh there’s so many things I want to say to this. But I think I’ll wait to hear your full argument on Sunday – there’s so many directions to go with it!

    I can’t help but wonder – if this is the best we can do – what does that say about us?

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