Prey vs. Pray…

A tease for my upcoming column on preying for one’s food in the modern world.  I hope to have it up by Sunday, September 19.  Please check back.  Here is an excerpt:

“You are an animal – literally.  You hunt and you prey daily, because that’s what it takes to stay alive in the animal world.  You seek energy to continue, so that you can seek more energy to keep on continuing.  Since you are a human animal though, you take the easy way out.  You prey on the dead and rotting carcasses of processed foods, hunting more for taste than for efficiency in energy.  In doing so, the animal in you is not developing so well.”


And some food for thought… so to say.  An anonymous proverb:

Each day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up to be stalked. It knows if is to survive, it must outrun the fastest lion.

Each day in Africa, a lion wakes up hungry. It knows if it is to survive, it must outrun the slowest gazelle.

Be you gazelle, or be you lion, when the sun comes up in Africa, you better be running.

You can prey for your food, or pray your food doesn't prey on you...


Please check back this Sunday for the completed column.

Oh, and there is this from The Mint Juleps, and the AMAZING Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  Enjoy….

7 responses

  1. If this statement: You prey on the dead and rotting carcasses of processed foods….

    does not make you stop & go.. Holy Crap, that is not only true but gross & think about that statement each time you go for that crap (well, out of your planned treat if that is the case).. well .. I might use this statement & link to you since I have a past I am writing with another statement I heard & yours fits in perfectly!!!!

    Looking forward to the read!

    Love that song!

  2. Now the only places we run to are stores for the newest iphone or latest Xmas toy. And we need to outrun the other shoppers.
    No, wait we don’t run, we drive…

    Waiting to read your column.

  3. The fastest 10K I ever ran was in Africa!!

    Before I went for that run in the bush, the camp director gave me a tutorial on what to do if I saw any of the Cape Buffalo, Lion, etc, that roamed free in that area. No surprise that it was the fastest run of my life 🙂

  4. eh-em… the carcasses of rotting food? First of all, I’m jealous that I didn’t think of that phrase first. And second, th idea of “rotten, processed carcass” makes me wanna just not do that. Ewwww..

  5. My four year old was watching Gone With the Wind with me the other night and the part where Scarlett is crying and feeling sorry for herself because she had no food in the garden was on. My four year old said, “Mom, why doesn’t she just go to the store and get something to eat?” Obviously, I had to explain to her they didn’t have stores back then and they had to grow and farm their own food…

    Anyway, it hit me how much things have changed in our culture. And I thought, for a moment, maybe I would try to eat like Scarlett would in the Civil War times. No store to shop at, only foods that I could cultivate. That lasted a split second before I realized it would be too hard and difficult to live a life that must have been very simple.

  6. I love word play.

    It’s pretty gross to think that that’s what we do to ourselves, feasting on rotting carcass… but processed food really DOES do horrible things to our bodies.

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